Retreats in Croatia

A collection of wellbeing retreats in a country of wild beauty and sublime shorelines, shaded by ancient towns and iconic buildings..

Known as the crossroads between Central and Southeast Europe, Croatia’s mesmerising landscapes are some of the most biologically diverse in Europe. Take a break to pause and feel your senses awaken as you absorb the country’s eclectic history and ancient culture. A Croatia retreat is a gentle immersion into a world of self-discovery and undivided attention connecting with the mind and body.

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Begin a mind-opening experience besides the still, emerald waters and rolling hills..

Croatia > Istria

Reaffirming Croatian Wine Estate Retreat

available between & ongoing -
04th Jun 2020 - 08th Jun 2020


£2165 pp

Welcome to Croatia..

Where sand trimmed sapphire waters meet calm and balmy days, let the soft and slow tempo of Croatia be the destination to tuck deep and find answers to your questions. It is when we stop noticing that we begin to realise how quickly time passes by. Choose an escape to Croatia to let the serene environment guide you onto a path of awareness, growth and self-love. Be infected by the creative energy of the outdoors and open the heart and mind to exploring and experimenting.

Why a retreat in Croatia?

Soaked in history and culture, a retreat in Croatia will become a mind-opening experience. Having lived through multiple empires and kingdoms, it has resulted in vibrant and diverse architecture that is unparalleled in density and abundance. Take the opportunity to be submerged into nature and assess the effects on the mind and body and allow it to flow through in a way that proves revitalising and therapeutic.

Food is the keystone of Croatian family life. Besides winding down with a good book as well as down cobblestone corridors, expect exceptional quality, traditional, home-styled cooking with an emphasis on sharing. Each region has its own unique culinary traditions ranging from recipes to approaches to ingredients.

Types of retreats in Croatia

Yoga Retreats

Embrace the opportunity to practice yoga in a serene and distinctive environment. All skill levels are greeted with open arms by our professional and talented instructors, who are selected by us for their ability to develop all aspects of yoga. It is often said that yoga is more than just a workout; it is an opportunity to work on oneself. Our yoga retreats in Croatiaaim to provide a safe and nourishing environment for your journey.

Walking and Activity Retreats

Feel your feet on luscious grassland and rugged tracks as you explore the destination. Delve into nature and experience the sensation of the warm sun on your skin, the kiss of the breeze on your face. With so much to discover, our activity and walking retreats are a wonderful way to spend days on pleasant hikes, horse riding and nature excursions. This retreat style is a great way to get the legs and arm moving or building on a long-established passion for adventure.

Mindfulness Retreats

Our brains are complex and intricate systems. Even to those who dedicate their lives researching them, they remain unfathomable. A mindfulness retreat, however, can help you begin to unravel your thoughts and emotions, to help you shuffle your priorities. In turn, your outlooks will adjust and you will begin to realign internally, allowing you to develop into the best version of yourself. Our aim is to educate and guide you on different aspects of mindfulness, to equip you with the wisdom to carry on your journey beyond each retreat.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Choosing to attend a retreat with Balance Holidays means placing your wellbeing into the hands of passionate and forward-thinking professionals. Each destination in our collection is carefully considered to ensure they accommodate your wellbeing goals.

These programmes will equip you with the tools, and knowledge to progressively build on the skills learnt and to enable them to slip effortlessly into everyday life. From workshops on mindfulness to the art of breathing, we hope to be able to provide you with the ability to enhance these skills in the comforts of your own home because we believe that long-term personal self-care extends beyond the time spent on a retreat.

Why book with us?

First and foremost, Balance Holidays provides a personal service from beginning to end. From the values of sustainability of each property we partner with, to the quality of the teachings we provide. We ensure each programme contains every quality necessary to truly facilitate the restoration of your balance. The extent of our personalised service is what sets us apart as we are on hand to provide any advice, information and reassurance. Whether you require assistance for the very early stages of a query, or if you have already booked, we aim to make the experience enjoyable and hassle-free.