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Tony Riddle Barefoot Running ThumbnailTHE NATURAL LIFE-STYLIST

Location: London, United Kingdom

Having been there and experienced the feeling of existing in a perpetual state of ‘making-do’, The Natural Life-Stylist strives to help individuals reclaim a sense of oneness with themselves and Mother Nature. His philosophy is anchored in the belief that we are each powerful human beings, in possession of everything to become the change we desire and to alter our current state of mind. His classes and workshops are built around the importance of nature because he believes, if we recognise it is missing from our lives, we can reconnect with it, fall back in love it, and in doing so, enter a profound state of wellbeing.

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Nicole von Grunigen Expert Page thumbnailNICOLE VON GRÜNIGEN

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland

Having been exposed to the likes of dance and athletics at a young age, which later stemmed into aerobics, fitness and body forming, Nicole took her first yoga class at Pilates school. From that point onwards, she realised that Yoga and Pilates are the two areas she wanted to focus and specialise in. In the year 2000, Nicole gained her certification in Power Yoga Teacher Training, followed by her qualification as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher in 2008, before obtaining the title as an ‘Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher’ in 2016. The underlying principles behind her classes are to help her students integrate body and mind and heighten the feelings and sensations of joy.

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Happy Healthy Ila Bio PictureHAPPY HEALTHY ILA

Location: Paris, France

Happy Healthy Ila is a passionate yoga and dance teacher who began yoga in her early 20s to improve her ballet dancing. She holds grace, elegance and gratitude as the key pillars of her philosophy. Living abroad and travelling across countries such as Brazil, New York, Singapore and now Paris has enabled her to adopt core elements of different yoga and meditation traditions into her personal methods of practise. It has also allowed her to access ports of different healing techniques ranging from forest therapy Shinrin Yuku to ayurvedic treatments all with a key purpose to help members heighten achievements of health and happiness independently every day.

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Marie Yagami expert bio pictureMARIE YAGAMI

Location: Kyoto, Japan

As the daughter to the founder of the Japanese self-healing body movement, Jiriki Seitai, Marie Yagami is an expert of the practice and determined to introduce this practice in Europe as part of her mission. Combining elements of Yoga, Shiatsu Massage and Chiropractic treatment, the main objective of Jiriki is to help students reconnect and heal their bodies in the absence of a therapist or medical professional by learning to listen to the body to identify chronic pains, imbalance, misalignments and tension. Having completed an RYS 250hr Vinyasa Flow YTT at Stretch London, Marie has extensive knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, pranayama and mediation, all of which has been applied into her Jiriki teaching.

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Roberto Rubalcaba expert bio pictureROBERTO RUBALCAVA

Location: London, United Kingdom

Roberto was born in Mexico City surrounded by light and colour. In 1999, he made London his home and discovered his love for yoga. Since then his practice has spanned 21 years, teaching for the past five. Roberto’s extensive experience is also varied by influences, which will be displayed and explored in each of his classes. His training includes 200-hour YTT with Frog Lotus Yoga International, a Vajrasati 500-hour advanced training on Modern Postural Yoga and a 150-hour advanced training with Stretch and he still continues his studies. In 2019 he qualified in Japan directly from Yu Yagami creator of Jiriki Seitai making him the first non Japanese navigator to teach in Europe.

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Melania de Masi expert page thumbnailMELANIA DE MASI

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Melania is an enthusiastic Odaka yoga teacher with a contemporary and innovative style that is popular in Japan and incorporates martial arts, Zen and traditional yoga postures. She trained directly under its founder and holds a diploma in Odaka Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Hatha Yoga/Yin Yoga. The concept of her practice is “Live Centered, Liquefy Your Limits, Embrace The Power,” which finds inspiration by observing the movement of the ocean and its waves. During Melania’s classes, students are encouraged to pay attention to their bodies, keeping eyes open rather than closed to remain conscious of the outside world. She calls her classes an instrument to live a real life, a dynamic mediation rather than isolation.

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Muayad expert page bio pictureMUAYAD NAJEMEDDIN

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland

Specialising in the art of Tibetan Singing Bowls and a certified Yoga teacher, massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, Muayad Najemmeddin is compassionate about holistic approaches to daily lifestyles and needs. Whether it is a gentle yoga session or a sound bath workshop, Muayad will guide each individual into a deeper layer of rediscovery and relaxation, enveloped in an array of different frequencies, vibrations, arousing new sensations.

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Banu Alagoz Experts Bio ThumbnailBANU ALAGOZ

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland

Raising awareness, uncovering freedom by unbolting unexplored thoughts and feelings and generating consciousness to personal wellbeing are just some of the areas Banu Alagoz specialises in. Having studied Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Taoist healing arts and Aquatic Bodywork/Watsu, Banu will integrate her expertise and knowledge in each area to help individuals create a comfortable and safe space to experience love; an area that is directly correlated to emotional wellbeing.

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Hana Dervovic Expert Page ThumbnailHANA DERVOVIC

Location: Istria, Croatia

After discovering yoga in her high school years, Hana Dervović is now a qualified Yoga teacher, focused on Hatha Yoga, Kriya and Kundalini. She is also a Reiki Master teacher and endeavours to help each of her students to explore and discover their potential. She believes that we are the masters of our own destiny yet, in a world where self-judgement and comparison is rife, paths can blur and progress hindered. Through each of her classes, she will be teaching students to listen to their bodies, follow their own pace and realise the joy of each moment. At the end, the takeaway will be a mind thrumming with renewed determination and a shifted perspective towards a bright and beautiful tomorrow.

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Edina Filip bio pictureEDINA FILIP

Location: Sicily, Italy

From a young age, moving and experimenting with her body has always been an exciting idea to Edina Filip. She engaged in the likes of running to classical dance and artistic gymnastics. However, it was when Edina took her first yoga class in 2004 that she felt immediate amazement at the personal benefits experienced and being able to connect different aspects of life through conscious attention. In 2009 she attended her first 200hr TTC in Woodbourne, New York before opening her own Yoga center, “Yogalife” in 2010, which eventually became “JothYoga” in 2013 after she was joined by other prominent yoga teachers and formed an association.

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