Our Experts


Tony Riddle Barefoot Running Thumbnail

Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

Expertise: Rewilding Wellness, Natural Movement, and Barefoot Running

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Learning to reconnect and fall back in love with nature to enter a profound state of wellbeing.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Tony’s Trifecta – Nature immersion, breathwork and barefoot grounding practices

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Adopting natural practices to thrive not just survive

Find Me On The: Rewilding at English Historic Estate Retreat



Sah D'Simone Expert Page Bio 433SAH D’SIMONE

Location: Londrina, Brazil

Expertise: Tantric Buddhism, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Holistic Nutrition

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: A cathartic release that amplifies and connects you to the innate qualities of your heart.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Hiking in the Himalayas

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Meditation

Find Me On The: Joyful Awakening at Balearic Island Retreat



Marie Yagami expert bio pictureMARIE YAGAMI

Location: Hyogo, Japan

Expertise: Jiriki Seitai, Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Animal Flow

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: My classes allow students to truly reconnect with their bodies and achieve enlightenment through own efforts.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Being besides mountains, rivers and waterfalls

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Dancing to music

Find Me On The: Jiriki Seitai at Sicilian Manor Retreat



Roberto Rubalcaba expert bio pictureROBERTO RUBALCAVA

Location: London but born in Mexico

Expertise: Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga and Jiriki Seitai

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Fun and light, my classes are an opportunity to achieve complete integration with our consciousness.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Surfing

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Yoga every day

Find Me On The: Jiriki Seitai at Sicilian Manor Retreat



Happy Healthy Ila Bio PictureHAPPY HEALTHY ILA

Location: Paris, France

Expertise: Vinyasa Yoga, Neurosciences and Life-Coaching

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Intense yet harmonious, fun, filled with grace and positivity. Each class is aimed at helping you to think better.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Barefoot and tree-hugging

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: There is always an opportunity behind any problem

Find Me On The: Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat, Positive Energy Provençal Lake Lodge Retreat and Radiant Energy Moroccan Estate Retreat



Melania de Masi expert page thumbnailMELANIA DE MASI

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Expertise: Odaka, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Learn to live life embracing the present, aware of each moment beyond the yoga mat.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Finding a quiet spot to take a stroll or sit down and admire nature

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Follow your heart in everything you do

Find Me On The: Restore at Tuscan Medieval Retreat



Muayad expert page bio pictureMUAYAD NAJEMEDDIN

Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Expertise: Holistic Massage, Singing Bowls and Hatha Yoga

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: My classes are a safe space to express and connect with yourself through sounds, breath, movements and affirmations.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Floating in the sea

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Love, appreciate and accept every side of you

Find Me On The: Sound Bath Swiss Alpine Retreat



Banu Alagoz Bio GreeneryBANU ALAGOZ

Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Expertise: Emotional Wellbeing, Watsu and Kundalini Yoga 

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Release and open the body, held by love, awareness and ancient knowledge in artistically created workshops and sessions.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Collecting wildflowers

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Meditative Dance

Find Me On The: Sound Bath Swiss Alpine Retreat



Hana Dervovic Expert Page ThumbnailHANA DERVOVIC

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Expertise: Hatha and Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Reiki

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Feel relaxed, motivated and uplifted to continue living a life of balance, inspired by the calmness of nature.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Swimming in the sea with the candy pink sunset on Silba Island

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Meditation and time in nature

Find Me On The: Reaffirming Croatian Countryside Estate Retreat



Edina Filip bio pictureEDINA FILIP

Location: Treviso, Italy

Expertise: Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic and Thai Yoga Massage

Describe Your Classes in One Sentence: Learn to use postures and breath as tools to raise connection with your body, releasing emotions and channeling energies.

Favourite Back-To-Nature Experience: Living in a tribal village in Thailand

A Non-Negotiable Health Habit: Sesame (winter) or coconut (summer) oil massage

Find Me On The: Revitalise at Aeolian Island Retreat



Nicole von Grunigen Expert Page thumbnailNICOLE VON GRÜNIGEN

Location: Gstaad, Switzerland

Having been exposed to the likes of dance and athletics at a young age, which later stemmed into aerobics, fitness and body forming, Nicole took her first yoga class at Pilates school. From that point onwards, she realised that Yoga and Pilates are the two areas she wanted to focus and specialise in. In the year 2000, Nicole gained her certification in Power Yoga Teacher Training, followed by her qualification as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher in 2008, before obtaining the title as an ‘Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher’ in 2016. The underlying principles behind her classes are to help her students integrate body and mind and heighten the feelings and sensations of joy.

Find Me On The: Jivamukti Swiss Alpine Retreat