Invigorating Georgian Lakefront Manor Curated Working

Windermere, England



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Feel As One with Nature in the Airy and Light-Infused Working Spaces with Unmatched Lakeside Panoramas, The Only Carbon-Neutral Georgian Manor Home in the UK, 5000 Acres of Private Land, Guided Outdoor Activity


Available all year round


Every detail of this experience can be personalised to your interests and needs


Minimum number of guests is 4


Tucked before a stretch of private shoreline that looks out towards the glittering waters of Lake Windermere, meeting the tumbling green hills. Feed the senses with front row seats of nature in an environment conducive to your work and wellbeing on the Invigorating Georgian Lakefront Manor Curated Working.

A tailored experience providing guests exclusive use and access to a 19th Century Georgian manor home. Support your work agenda, settling into one of the property’s bright and airy living rooms or dedicated study room. Furnished with large desks, comfortable chairs, modern office essentials and tall glass windows that draw in scores of natural light. Maximising a sense of openness and closeness with the natural world outside. Ease the mind and close each day at your own pace engaged in a unique combination of activities included as part of this experience. Loosen the limbs in your choice of physical activity, Yoga, Fitness or Pilates out in the sprawling fields, or let the expansive exercise rooms flooded in light host your endeavours. Be infected by the dynamic vibrancy of the region in a guided activity in nature and stroll along  woodland pathways etched around the estate, just as the sun begins to disappear below the horizon. Add an extra touch of relaxation with a personalised in-room massage. Guests will also have access to an indoor heated swimming pool across the full duration of their stay. Focusing on the natural flavours of the ingredients, nourish the body with a range of handcrafted dishes, prepared fresh by the in-house chefs each day. Daily refreshments are also available, the perfect companion to savour moments of stillness in-between workflow, gazing at the serene waters, cusped by a clean and endless green.

Centred in the palms of unspoilt panoramas that inspired the works of Williams Wordsworth and John Ruskin. Silverholme Manor is a Grade II listed building, fringed by hardwood trees, gazing out towards Lake Windermere, towering fell mountains and 5,000 acres of private, palatial fields. Carefully restored in 2003, it is the only carbon-neutral Georgian manor in the UK today. The interior follows a design that brings traditional English shapes and textiles with modern sleekness. Following a soothing colour scheme of beiges, earthy greens and delicate pops of red and orange. Allow the furnishings clad in cozy fabrics and finishes to fade into each room. Based in the north west corner of England, Lake District is an awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site, carrying England’s tallest mountains and longest, deepest lakes. Incredibly diverse in terrain, showcasing an ageless beauty that varnishes every turned corner. Natural encounters with native wildlife, cultural and outdoor exploration await at the doorstep.

Amidst the stillness and wildlife-rich surroundings that offer quiet reflection and stroke curiosity. Connect and carve new mindsets, gloried by the company of nature on this unique experience. Enhanced by opportunities for discovery and adventure that appeal to all, encouraging the body and mind to rest and restore.

For an all-inclusive 7-day 6-night stay, the price is £3,186pp. 

Items listed in What’s Included are for 1 guest

What's included

  • Well-Equipped and Cosy Work Spaces
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Daily Refreshments
  • X1 Physical Activity
  • X1 Guided Activity in Nature
  • Access to 5000 Acres of Private Grounds and Woodland
  • X1 Personalised In-Room Massage
  • Indoor Heated Swimming Pool Available
  • Personally Assigned Work-Out Equipment
  • Field-to-Fork Gourmet Meals
  • Accomodation and Toiletries


Quintessentially English, sitting on the banks of Lake Windermere. The rooms at Silverholme are deliciously swathed in classic English style with a personable welcoming atmosphere. In proximity to the grandness of the outdoors, this deeply admired Georgian home brings an enthusiastic earthy feel indoors through its layering of colours and patterns. Resulting in a delightfully intimate space to relax and unwind.

Room Types

Lake Room

Muted colour palette, polished dark-wood furniture and homespun fabrics with foliage patterned wallpaper, inspire guests to feel carefree in the Lake Room. Perfect facing views of the estate gardens and lake from the vast glass windows fill the room with pockets of light and an unmistakable closeness with nature. Equipped with a King-Sized bed, an ensuite bath and shower, cosy relaxation is the key goal. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Silver Room

Textures and patterns are intelligently layered against a neutral palette in the Silver Bedroom. Subtle slicks of blue displayed through the foliage patterned wallpaper serves a reminder to the exquisite bluebell woodland facing views outside. While the twin beds and a mezzanine en suite is the determined destination to dial down from the day. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Trellis Room

Giving it its name and inspiration for design, the Trellis Room is located on the ground floor with reference to the flourishing wild blooms, native to this English countryside corner. A choice of ivory base, accented with occasional pops of warm oranges, pinks, leafy green and polished dark-wood furniture allude to individual character in simplicity. Equipped with twin beds, an ensuite bath and shower, looking out towards the lake and woodland. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Yellow Room

Associated with joy, freshness, positivity and clarity, these items are top of the agenda behind the Yellow Room. Intended to embrace guests in bright and airy, sumptuous comfort, thoughtful attention to the use of colour, furniture, texture and patterns result in a divine space for unwinding. Equipped with a King-Sized bed, an ensuite bath and shower with lakefront and woodland views. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Pink Room

A soft red hue that is often bound to love and romance, the Pink Room incites friendship, approachability and affection amongst guests. With polished dark-wood furniture, slick oil paintings framed against ditzy floral walls and soft carpet. Twin beds with a spacious walk-in shower welcome guests with open arms, without taking attention away from the exceptional view of the woodlands. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

White Room

Designed to reflect simplicity, settle into a state of tranquility and calm in the light-filled, airy White Room. Views of the lake from the tall, glass pane windows are arguably the best amongst other rooms at the estate, blending the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Geometric motifs line the walls while plain fabric curtains command full attention to surrounding landscapes. Equipped with twin beds and an ensuite to pause and switch off. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Indian Room

Comfortable warmth, bursting with an eclectic energy wash the Indian Room in a welcoming reassurance for a quiet night. Situated on the ground floor of the estate, embellished in rich touches of red and mustard yellow. The King-sized bed headboard and patterns across the duvet and cushions compliment one another like a unit, while the ensuite bath and shower, provide an extra spell of ease. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Orchid Room

A highly-coveted plant signifying grace, beauty and charm emanates resemblance to the Orchid Room, to provide a fitting name. Much like the flower, the design of the room follows a gentle colour scheme of light beige, sweet coral and lush green. Expressed through the choice of furniture, bedding, pillow cases and foliage wallpaper. The room is equipped with a generous comfortable King-Size bed, an ensuite bath with shower and impeccable views of the lake from the tall windows. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Coachman’s Cottage

Separate from the main estate, the Coachman’s Cottage provides an extra spell of privacy without disrupting the essence of the estate. Overlooking the palatial gardens and within earshot to the lapping waters of the lake. The cottage is equipped with a sitting room, kitchen and double room with ensuite shower room. Remaining true to an enduring classic English design, paired with an understanding for modern living and close contact with nature for undisturbed restoration. Essential bathroom toiletries included.

Food and Cuisine

The estate’s sustainable values are upheld in the kitchens too. Following a field-to-fork ethos wholeheartedly, seasonal ingredients are cooked to great satisfaction with consideration to both nutrition and sensation. Plating up dishes that embody flavour and simplicity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For special dining requests, please enquire to learn more.

Health, Safety & Hygiene

Your health and safety has and will continue to take central priority in everything we do. For this retreat, Balance Holidays and Silverholme have worked together to introduce and adopt heightened levels of health and safety vigilance and measures guided by local health authorities, WHO (World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) above their existing stringent standards. The objective is to provide a safe, comfortable and high-quality experience as expected from us. If you wish to learn more, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or Covid-19 Update.


Bestowing a reputation for being one of the most beautiful regions in the UK, set besides rich historic sites and supreme natural landscapes. Lake Windermere is the longest body of water in England, measuring 10.5 miles, 1 mile wide and 220 feet deep. A short drive away is Lake District National Park. Containing the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake District, glacial ribbon lakes and four of England’s tallest fell mountains. It is also closely associated with famed English literature writers, William Wandsworth and Beatrix Potter, inspiring artful works admired till today. Castle ruins and pele tower remnants can be found dotted around Cumbria, holding a history of invasion, settlement and battles.

Practical Info

A Typical Day



7:00am – 8:00am: Physical Activity Upon Choice

8:00am – 9:00am: Breakfast

Free Time



1:30pm – 2:30pm: Lunch

Free Time



6:00pm – 7:00pm: Guided Activity in Nature

7:30pm – 8:30pm: Dinner



*As each Curated Working Experience is fully flexible and personalised, moulded to the demands of your work agenda as well as the needs of your wellbeing, the timings and activities listed in this itinerary are indicative only. The final programme schedule will be emailed to you prior to the beginning of this experience and may vary depending on factors such as local weather conditions.


Check-in and Checkout


You will be allowed to check into your room from 2:00pm onwards on the day of your arrival. 

The closest station is Oxenholme, accessible via a direct train from London Euston Station. While Carlisle and Manchester are the closest airports to the estate. You may book a rental car or call a taxi from outside the train station and airports, quoting the below address to bring you directly to the estate. Total journey time if local traffic conditions permit will be approximately 30 minutes from the train station and 1 hour 30 minutes from both Carlisle and Manchester Airport.


Silverholme Manor



LA12 8AZ