Healthy Cooking Retreats

A collection of healthy cooking and raw food retreats in the world's most scenic locations

Diet is a vital component to a balanced lifestyle and to help individuals permeate changes, a healthy cooking retreat consists of healthy cooking classes, workshops and taste-testing sessions. A fun and delectable retreat to seek inspiration for recipes and cooking techniques to take back home with nutritionists and culinary experts learn to enjoy eating and cooking healthily.

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body and mind

with teachers and chiefs who share their passion and knowledge of simple food preparation, yoga and holistic health in a retreat setting.

Italy > Tuscany

Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

available between -
02nd May 2019 - 08th Sep 2019


£1795 pp

Italy > South Tyrol

Reconnect with Nature at Luxury Mountain Retreat

available between -
30th May 2019 - 02nd Jun 2019


£2000 pp

Italy > Puglia

Restoring Harmony Fig Farm Estate Retreat

available between -
18th Apr 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£1600 pp

Healthy cooking retreats are a fun experience to discover and learn new cooking practises from various parts of the world and dispel any misleading concepts that may have crept into our cooking habits.

Food is a permanent staple in our lives but is feeding the body to satisfy hunger enough? As well as safeguarding the wellbeing of our physical and spiritual mind, our dietary habits are equally as important in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Whether you are looking to attend an intensive yoga retreat to hone your practice or seeking a new adventure to draw in a lungful of fresh air, discover a range of wellbeing retreats inclusive of healthy cooking classes to discover tips, tricks and easy to do at home recipes as well as the correct dos and don’ts behind a healthy cooking routine.

Why a healthy cooking retreat may suit you?

Be armed with the knowledge of healthy cooking and learn to nourish the body with meals made from ingredients and techniques that will offer enjoyment during and after each class. Cooking should not be considered a chore but rather part of a patterned routine of fulfilment to achieve a balanced lifestyle. If you have a bad habit of filling the body simply to satisfy hunger instead of feeding the body to feed the mind, body and soul, consider a healthy cooking retreat to understand the importance behind the quality of food we feed our bodies and the effects it has when we are not being mindful of each meals. The key takeaway will be insightful advice, tips and tricks and delicious, easy to-do at-home recipes that will not require every pan and pot in the kitchen. Learn to change the way you eat and what you choose to eat back at home to cultivate and maintain a balanced wellbeing.

Types of Healthy Cooking retreats

Wellness Resort Retreats

 Be immersed in complete serenity and soulful satisfaction with the sea at your feet and golden rays of sunshine beaming from above at a wellness resort retreat. For a laidback weekend break engrossed in complete tranquillity with landscapes untouched by time and simplicity at its core, discover a fixture of self-contentedness, self-care and self-loving through meditation, different styles of yoga, enjoying time to rest and relax in a slow-tempo wellness programme.

Healing Retreats

Surrounded in the fresh scents and aromas of blooming meadows and fruit tree groves, bathe in a haven of peace and relish in the togetherness with nature at the eccentric settings of a healing retreat. Cooking classes with a local chef is designated to teach guests how to appropriately complement ingredients for a beautifully come-together meal as well as herbal remedy recipes with ingredients sourced from the on-site gardens. Ideal for those wishing to unwind and learn and explore new things at the same time.

Nurturing Retreats

Pushing boundaries to exit comfort zones is the main objective of a nurturing retreat. Learn to take control of personal wellbeing through intensive yoga classes followed by calming meditation sessions to help improve management of negative moods including stress, depression and anxiety and increasing energy levels. At the end of the programme, guests will feel fitter, stronger and more confident, making strive for personal goals seem possible again.


Why choose Balance Holidays for a healthy cooking retreat?

Choosing to start your wellness journey with Balance Holidays becomes an opportunity to restore life-balance and to redefine purpose and dreams at some of the world’s most exclusive resort hotels and destinations. Learn to improve management of mood fluctuations, tackle stress and nourish the body with healthy foods and traditional culinary concepts in our exclusive collection of wellness retreats.

The aim at Balance Holidays is to help guests to feel lighter and reinvigorated at the end of each wellness holiday as well as to provide an unforgettable experience with all the essential tools to cultivate and maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, mindfulness and healthy living back home. We understand that every individual is different therefore their needs are also different hence-why each wellness programme in our exclusive collection is hand-selected and carefully considered to ensure each need is fulfilled and expectations surpassed.

Whether it’s different styles of yoga to exploring a new cooking concept in a cooking class held by a local chef, breathing exercises and going further afield across the classic country gardens, each programme permeates cultural elements and traditions to offer a truly divine and unique experience that stretches beyond the realms of ordinary, discovered just for you.

At Balance Holidays, we also understand the confusion around the wellness retreats market which is why the team sets out to inspire others with their own experience and wellness journeys by offering a highly personalised and unique service of being readily available throughout each stage of booking as well as offering insight, advice, guidance on which programme to choose and reassurance to each guest.