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"The main cause of happiness in your life is yourself" - Dalai Lama

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Scenic surroundings, Sunset and Sunrise Yoga, Enchanting Cabins


Happy Healthy Ila is an alternative wellness holiday Retreats Company dedicated to the improvement of the wellbeing of individuals and collective groups. Achieved through activities such as teaching yoga, meditation, healthy culinary classes and various additional workshops, each Happy Healthy Ila retreat is situated in exclusive locations surrounded by the beauty of nature in intimate spaces of tree houses, villages or floating wood cabins. Each a destination beholding unique characteristic charms, the key purpose is to help members heighten achievements of health and happiness independently, every day. Each retreat is based on an intense yoga practise and meditation, supported by different alternative healing techniques such as forest bath Shirin-Yoku, Ayurvedic treatments, dancing therapy, essential oils, auto-massage, Pnl and Personal coaching workshops. Behind Happy Healthy Ila is Ilaria who is a passionate yoga and dance teacher, holding grace, elegance and gratitude as the key pillars of her philosophy. Beginning her career in a corporate environment within the luxury fashion industry, Ilaria realised there was another path for her to follow so she quit her job to embark on a new journey. Renown for her love for life and helping people feel better, Ilaria began her initial journey volunteering in a Buddhist Monastery in Ladakh, in the Himalayas teaching English to little monks, practising ancient meditation techniques every sunset and sunrise in bursts of joy. Time away from distressing distractions, surrounded in simplicity allowed Ilaria to find solitude, inspiring her to continue her practise of yoga and meditation whilst travelling across the world, adopting core elements into the development of her personal methods of practise. After a month in South India studying herbal medicine in an Ayurvedic hospital, Ilaria visited an ashram for her Hatha Yoga Teaching diploma before settling in Paris in 2013, establishing her project, Happy Healthy Ila. Ilaria’s classes are infused with care, humour, self-liberation and gratitude. Following the principles of Hoponopono, Ilaria’s classes awakens the values to always be 1) thankful, 2) apologetic, 3) forgiving and 4) loving with others but especially with yourself.


Immersive with a contemporary flair, surrender to the ethereal beauty of Mother Nature on a retreat with Happy Healthy Ila in exclusive locations in a tree house, village or floating wood cabin. Experience a multisensory escape to rediscover your inner-Zen, realigning purpose with fresh perspectives to cultivate a healthier and happier you. Enjoy intensive yoga, meditation classes and unique alternative healing techniques including Shinrin-Yoku, Ayurvedic treatments, essential oils, Pnl and personal coaching workshops and gastronomically delightful cooking from exclusive health expert chefs.

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