Group Retreats

Our teacher-led group retreats are small and offer activities, yoga and meditation for stress reduction and improved health and wellbeing in destinations around Europe.

Enjoy the power of togetherness in a space of clean, positive energy without having to compromise time, support and personal space to nurture a balanced wellbeing. Be surrounded by likeminded individuals in an intimate group, learning, understanding and reconnecting with nature and your true self on a group retreat.

Group retreats coming up next...

body and mind

Italy > Tuscany

Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

available between -
12th Jun 2019 - 08th Sep 2019


£1853 pp

Italy > Lombardy

Immersive Jivamukti and Ayurveda Retreat

available between -
10th Jun 2020 - 14th Jun 2020


£1370 pp

Italy > Puglia

Invigorating Retreat at Centennial Farm House

available between -
13th Jun 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£2489 pp

Morocco > Marrakesh Region

Creativity and Yoga Retreat

available between -
09th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£1760 pp

What are group retreats?

Soak up the opportunity being in the company of one another on a group retreat. Intended to ring in individuals with similar wellbeing goals and objectives, discover a new and refreshing experience hiking, trekking or meditating together. The bustle of modern life can oftentimes lead us to unintentionally feel disconnected and removed from friends, colleagues and family. Hence, a group retreat grants individuals the chance to relearn connecting with others, and most importantly, connecting with true self.

Why a group retreat may suit you?

Time ticks by at supersonic speed, eclipsing motivation and enjoyment. Modern life can at times feel like a solitary journey. Take back time and rediscover the magnificence of companionship on a group retreat with Balance Holidays. Camaraderie is an essential part to who we are because we believe we are most comfortable when we are connected. Be immersed in the outdoors, relearning the rudimentary skills of human communion and realise that life is best enjoyed when it is shared together with one another.

Light-hearted and easy-going, the atmospheres of group retreats occasion a gentle afternoon walk together exploring the vineyards or a cup of herbal tea under the sunshine. Rediscover enjoyment in being connected and embrace the presence of one another.

Types of group retreats

Yoga Retreats

Take a brief moment to pause and to rejuvenate the mind and body while at the same time, improving your yoga poses on a yoga retreat. Whether the location is a tucked away countryside corner or a charming white-stucco walled villa, embrace the stunning outsides challenging the mind and body by stretching those lithe legs, raising your arms in the air. A great option for breaking free from the constrictive cycle of daily life and for those wishing to give yoga a trying hand, feel transformed, refreshed and revitalised at the end of each programme.

Island Retreats

Make an escape from the city to be with the standout characteristics of the fine outdoors on an island retreat. Warm, golden sand crumbling beneath the feet as the waves of the emerald-blue sea crashes into the rough edged precipice, enjoy a moment of stillness on the beach, letting the soothing sensations cleanse the mind and soul. Engage in energising workouts and activities to strengthen and improve the physical body, soaking in Vitamin D. Let tranquillity offer the opportunity to clarify sense of self and redefine purpose with an introspective state of mind.

Walking and Activity Retreats

Forget the endless list of to-dos and shift the focus onto the stimulating workouts and activities on a walking and activity retreat. Unravel the compelling sensations working up a sweat throughout each activity to defog and clear the mind. From activities including biking, horseback riding to ambling across plush green hilltops and bountiful gardens, grasp the greatness of the great outdoors to free the mind and heal the physical body.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a group retreat?

Begin your wellness journey with Balance Holidays to discover how to manage mood fluctuations, tackle stress and restore psychophysical balance for a clearer mind, leaving you to feel lighter and healthier. Not only will each programme provide the essential tools to facilitate these objectives, each retreat will be held at some of the world’s most exclusive destinations. Most of our retreats will be the first ever to be hosted at the location, offering an experience like no other.

We understand that each individual is different therefore your needs are different, which is why when we design each wellbeing programme, all components are carefully considered to ensure each need is fulfilled and expectations surpassed.

From yoga practices to culinary classes of curiosity and outdoor activities, each programme incorporates influences from the surrounding culture and traditions to grant a unique experience.

We understand the confusion around the landscape of wellness retreats therefore, Balance Holidays team is determined to inspire others on their individual wellness journey. Our personalised and attentive customer service care is in place to ensure each question is answered and advice offered to provide reassurance and guide guests through each stage of booking. Learn to maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, healthy living and mindfulness.

To help you find the best retreat choice, give us a call on 020 8036 3888