Destination Retreats

Our destination retreats include various activities and workshops for stress reduction, improved health and wellbeing.

Be treated to time-off, reading books by a giant infinity pool and spots of health-enhancing spa treatments in the advanced facility rooms on a destination retreat. Feel liberated from all matters of concern with days spent basking in sunshine, indulging on traditional dishes of delight to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Upcoming destination retreats..

body and mind

Italy > Tuscany

Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

available between -
11th Sep 2019 - 15th Sep 2019


£2008 pp

Italy > Puglia

Invigorating Retreat at Centennial Farm House

available between -
09th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£2489 pp

Italy > Sicily

Grounding Retreat at Sicilian Historical Manor Farm

available between -
21st May 2020 - 25th May 2020


£1346 pp

Morocco > Marrakesh Region

Creativity and Yoga Retreat

available between -
09th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£1760 pp

Where tranquillity meets relaxation and sophistication, choose a destination retreat to satisfy your escapism cravings all the while freeing the mind from the distressing distractions and riots of responsibilities at home.

Destination retreats are  designed for those looking for a short break not too far from home but with all the correct components to relax and unwind as well as time and space to shift the focus and attention back to personal wellbeing. From a courthouse at the foothills to a boutique resort with the sand and sea at your doorstep, choose a destination retreat rejuvenate the body and mind. Provoke spiritual awakening further by taking solo strolls or a brave bike-trek into the woodlands. The only distractions here will be the gentle whispers of the wind and cricketing wildlife casually conversing in their natural habitats.

Why a destination retreat may suit you?

When you begin to feel suffocated weaving through the towering skyscrapers to buy your usual deli sandwich, disconnected from yourself wondering what purpose life holds, consider a destination retreat. Becoming numb to your feelings by being heavily embedded with work and domestic responsibilities has become a normal in the modern societal context. This is why it is important to remove yourself from that environment by taking a short break. A change of ambience and scenery through a destination retreat can refresh the physical body and spiritual mind and allow time for the mind and body to heal, reconnect and realign. It also becomes an opportunity to re-establish a personal connection with nature, an easily accessible place of solace and a beautiful scarcity that is most times overshadowed by the dull, gloomy cityscape.

Types of destination retreats

Yoga retreats

Sharpen your practice of yoga and improve your pose and posture on a mat, immersed as one with the outdoors on a yoga retreat. Often misunderstood, yoga retreats are not only intended for yogi veterans but open to a range of abilities, beginners included. If you are looking to try something new while being away from home or want to bring the best of both worlds together, relaxation and keeping the body active on holiday, consider a yoga retreat. Teachers from various backgrounds, specialising in different style yoga practices are available to suit every bendy need. 

Idyllic destination retreats

Lulling azure waters, sunstroke palm-fringed trees and decadent double loungers, seek a hideaway on an idyllic destination retreat. A utopian of luxury in Southern Italy complete with boundless sunshine and soft footfalls of sand or a charming chateaux in the humble settings of Northern France, escape the ordinary to be temporarily escorted into a haven of bliss and tranquillity. Feeling adventurous? Explore the undisclosed depths of beauty of the local grounds and embrace the aromatic glory of fresh garden blooms and meadows on an idyllic destination retreat.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a destination retreat?

At Balance Holidays, we are here to bring your wellness vision to life. This is why, beginning your wellness journey with us not only means facilitating the management of mood fluctuations, tackling stress and restored psychophysical balance but also offers the opportunity to experience the unforgettable at some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive resorts and destinations. The aim of each programme is to provide individuals with the essential tools to cultivate and continue to maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, mindfulness and healthy living. Being conscious to these elements and the personal needs of each individual, our exclusive collection of wellness retreats are hand-selected and each detail carefully considered to ensure each need is realised and expectations exceeded.

Each programme in our collection is unique. From different styles of yoga and its fundamental purpose such as cleansing the mind, improving spiritual healing, to the destination and its facilities, cultural elements from the surrounding region are integrated to make each journey an unparalleled and remarkable experience that stretches beyond the realms of ordinary.

The team at Balance Holidays understands the confusion around the wellness retreats market through personal experiences which is why we offer a highly-personalised, bespoke service to ensure each journey matches your specific needs and interests by being readily available to offer advice and guidance, answering any questions and to assist you through each stage of the booking process.