Creativity Tree House Family Retreat

near Paris, France



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Valuable Parent-Child Time to Bond and Reconnect, Creative Family Workshops, Forest Bathing, Eco-Treehouse Cabins With Private Nordic Hot Tub


4-day Programme


Coming soon, 2022


Bond, reconnect and savour a timeless moment having fun together with little ones on the Creativity Tree House Family retreat, exclusively designed by Balance Holidays. Host to a variety of adventures and tender memories, be in close contact with nature at every turn on this extraordinary programme. Aimed at boosting a stronger relationship between parent and child, learning to appreciate the value of each other’s company.

Open each day with a session of Child and Parent Vinyasa Energetic Yoga, stretching and extending the limbs in fun and active exercises together in a domain castle room. Which will be exclusively accessible by attending guests. A carefully devised sequence of poses and movements will consist of sitting, standing and lying down. Drawing inspiration from animals and the wild nature, observed through the surrounding environment and imitated on the mats. By exploring different movements and poses together, both parent and child will cultivate a non-verbal intuition and communication mechanism, reinforcing the family dynamic. All postures are safe and will be carefully monitored under the attentive eye of the leading expert. Evenings will be dedicated to gentle Yin Yoga and Pranayama sessions, which will be slower yet emotionally encouraging. Children will have the option to engage in mindfulness orientation exercises and activities under the supervision of a dedicated expert in the room next door.

Wander through the forest, collecting tokens of nature for patchworks, collages and more in the Creativity in Nature Workshop. This workshop will be led by an expert in Psychomotricity who specialises in activities for child brain development. In an era where the use of digital devices is rife and begins at a young age. Psychomotricity carries the objective of helping kids create harmony between the body, the emotions and the cognitive aspect, through movements and games. It also helps to increase self-esteem, concentration and communication skills.

During the Forest Bathing workshop, parents and children will be guided through a series of physical and mental exercises to aid relaxation, refocus and feel energised by way of connecting with Mother Nature. The kitchen is a great place to nurture and cultivate a stronger parent-child relationship. Held in one of the castle living rooms, children will be invited to explore their senses through touch, taste and smell, unleashing their creativity energy to prepare healthy and tasty treats.

Delicious locally sourced, plant-based food will be prepared from a menu carefully designed by Balance Holidays. We have also designed a special kids menu for this retreat to keep those little tummies happy. Mealtimes will be held in the dining room of the imposing castle surrounded by rising oak trees. A typical French dinner is also included in this programme to mark an authentic experience. 

In moments of free time, take the opportunity to bond further in a unique Nordic O-Zone treated hot tub. Installed on the open terrace of most Coucoo Grands Chênes treehouse cabins. Ideal for admiring the undisclosed depths of the stunning scenery for an authentic nature immersion. 

Please note, this retreat is suitable for children aged 6 and over.

For all-inclusive 4-day, 3-night stay, prices start at £1,752pp and will depend on the total number of guests for each treehouse cabin.

*To learn more about how a typical day on a retreat looks like, please see sample here and for more information about food and cuisine, please see here.

What's included

  • Morning Child and Parent Vinyasa Energetic Yoga
  • Evening Yin Yoga and Pranayama Meditation
  • Creativity in Nature Workshop
  • Forest Bathing Workshop
  • Healthy Cooking Workshop
  • Engaging Children's Activities
  • Traditional French dinner
  • Field-to-Fork Gourmet Meals
  • Accommodation and Toiletries

The Expert

Happy Healthy Ila

Happy Healthy Ila is a passionate yoga and dance teacher who began yoga in her early 20s to improve her ballet dancing. She holds grace, elegance and gratitude as the key pillars of her philosophy. Living abroad and travelling across countries such as Brazil, New York, Singapore and now Paris has enabled her to adopt core elements of different yoga and meditation traditions into her personal methods of practise. It has also allowed her to access ports of different healing techniques ranging from forest therapy Shinrin Yuku to ayurvedic treatments all with a key purpose to help members heighten achievements of health and happiness independently every day.


Nature welcomes guests in a warm embrace, as they step into their contemporary spherical wooden cabins in this enchanting forest of oak trees. Each accessible through a set of spiral staircases, wake up high amongst the trees to the beckoning of cheerful birds singing and bunches of brittle leaves swaying with the wind.

Room Types


Feel as if you are sleeping in the middle of a forest in the newly built Aventure wooden cabin. 5M above ground level, climb up the spiral staircase to land on the wide-open terrace complete with table and chairs. The Nordic hot tub is also located to the side of the terrace with unparalleled views of nature. Walk a little further to enter the generously spaced living area. Two separate rooms are located in the same cabin, as well as the bathroom and another bedroom in the Mezzanine. This cabin is ideal for up to 6 people.


Let Mother Nature be a source of inspiration in the Tribu wooden cabin, 6M above ground level. Climb up the wooden staircase to find the contemporary living area. Located in the same cabane is the bedroom, as well as a bathroom. A separate bedroom is located in the Mezzanine. The Nordic Hot Tub with chemical-free, UBO technology treated water at 40°C is located on the outdoor terrace. This cabin is ideal for up to 4 people.


Set your imagination free in the Imaginaire wooden cabin. This newly built, 3 storied double-terrace tree house is set in a beautiful location of the forest, accessible via a wooden staircase. The first level is 6M above ground level and the second, 11M above ground level. On the first floor sits the main living area, bathroom. The outdoor terrace with Nordic hot tub is also on this floor. Secondary bedroom is on the next floor up. This cabin is ideal for up to 4 people.


Merged as one with the forest, the Cachette wooden cabin is built around the trunk of an Oak tree. Standing 6M above ground level, this tree house features a spacious living area, modern bathroom and an outdoor terrace with a stunning view! The cabin is equipped with bathrobes and towels. This cabin is ideal for up to 3 people.


Begin the weekend retreat in the Coupole cabin, a spherical pod nestled amongst the oak tree forest, made from the trunk of scalar oak. Accessible through the spiral staircase, this wooden cabin sits 6M above ground level with a panoramic roof to enclose guests in a warm embrace with nature. Out on the terrace sits the Nordic hot tub with chemical-free, UBO technology treated water at 40°C while the spacious bedroom is situated in the mezzanine, accessible through a short set of internal stairs. Modern bathroom with shower and toilet also situated in the main cabin. This cabin is ideal for up to 2 people (adult and child).


Get up close and personal with nature throughout this retreat in the Etoilée wooden cabin. Suspended above the ground level, made from the trunk of an Oak tree, this cabin is composed of a wide open terrace, where the Nordic Hot Tub is located, a comfortable living area, connected to two bedrooms and bathroom. This cabin is ideal for up to 2 people.

Food and Cuisine

Indulge in a happy and healthy range of dishes made from locally sourced, plant-based meals to regain energy after a morning and afternoon of outdoor activities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared with locally farmed ingredients by a local chef to deliver an authentic taste of nature. The menu for adult and kids will differ. *Please notify us of any dietary requirements and allergies.

Health, Safety and Hygiene

Your health and safety have and will continue to take central priority in everything we do. For this retreat, Balance Holidays and Coucoo Grands Chênes have worked together to introduce and adopt heightened levels of health and safety vigilance and measures guided by local health authorities, WHO (World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) above their existing stringent standards. The objective is to provide a safe, comfortable and high-quality experience as expected from us. We also have an individual Creativity Tree House Family Retreat determined Health & Safety protocol in place. If you wish to learn more, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or Covid-19 Update.


The Coucoo Grands Chênes treehouse domain is situated North of France amongst the laurel green countryside fields in Raray. Approximately an hour away from Paris, Raray is a small village famous for the castle, which it is named after called Château Raray and dates back to the 14th Century. It also once provided the impressive backdrop for the original film adaption of Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau in 1945. As nature is the common denominator in this tucked away corner of France, find balance between the body and mind in daily outdoor activities, admiring the pristine countryside and chipper wildlife.

Practical Info

This programme will commence at 6:30pm on the day of arrival. You will be allowed to check into Coucoo Grands Chênes treehouse cabin from 4pm onwards. We therefore suggest booking tickets with an arrival time that allows sufficient time for travel from the airport/station to the domain. 

The closest airport is Charles de Gaulle, while the nearest train station is Gare du Nord. You may book a taxi outside the airport or station, quoting the below address to bring you directly to the domain. Total journey time if local traffic conditions permit will be approximately 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle and 60 minutes from Gare du Nord Station.


Coucoo Grands Chênes, 

1 Rue Jean Cocteau,