Arosea Life Balance Hotel

South Tyrol, Italy

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Alpine lifestyle and design influence, breath-taking views, undisturbed tranquillity


Where wellbeing meets Tyrolean charm and elegance in a discreet, tucked away corner, the Arosea Life Balance hotel is located at the heart of the Stelvio-Stilfser Joch National Park, a mountain pass bordering Northern Italy and Switzerland, enveloped by the verdant slopes and fragrant pine trees, meeting the still blue waters of the pristine Ultental Valley at the foothills. Discover a new slice of luxurious wellbeing at Arosea, a haven of divine relaxation, sumptuous comfort and wholesome tranquillity to escape the ordinary for a journey to inner-balance and harmony.

As one of the top sustainable hotels, Arosea is an eco-resort with fundamental principles revolved around nature and the Alpine lifestyle and design to offer a complete immersive experience for guests to detach and disconnect from the outside. Understanding that nature is the perfect antidote to modern life to recharge the physical body and spiritual mind, detox sheep wool, sleep-enhancing Swiss pinewood and regenerating and invigorating slate are three key components integral to the construction and character at the Arosea resort hotel.

Wake from a restful night’s sleep to relish in the enchanting palatial spaces of Northern Italy each morning. Slow, sloshing waters along the valley and sweet symphonies of active wildlife and trees being tugged against the billowing breeze; rediscover the beauty of nature in its pure and authentic entirety and its natural healing power to lighten and cleanse both the physical body and spiritual mind through varied breathing exercises and flexibility and stretching workshops. Additional Alpine lifestyle and design orientated activities and treatments to reinforce and activate spiritual awakening and physical rejuvenation for an example, sheep-wool wrap and mountain trails are also available and included as part of an exclusive Balance Holidays wellness programme at Arosea Life Balance hotel. On-site gym facilities and spa and massage rooms looking out towards the valley and mountains also available and accessible for guests.


Sustainability is the key theme deep-rooted into the vernacular and spirit at Arosea Life Balance Hotel. With natural healing virtues and calming properties, this exclusive wellness programme offered at Arosea revolves around nature. From using water enriched with natural essential oils in the Aufguss Ceremony to the diligently treated Ulten mountain sheep wool mixed with Alpine herbs for a sheep-wool wrap, this programme will help guests restore inner-balance and vitality in the most natural way. Special attention is also paid to the dishes served in the Arosea hotel restaurant to ensure the food provided aids physical wellbeing without harming nature. Rediscover the beauty of nature and the advantageous benefits on the body to enhance physical, spiritual and mental health all the while feeling released from stress and anxieyu in an escape to South Tyrol at the Arosea Life Balance Hotel.

Reconnect with Nature at Luxury Mountain Retreat


Room Types

Room Types

Life Balance Suite

Embrace the sensations of wellbeing from the very first step into the Life Balance Suite. Embedded with the Arosea life-balance philosophy in the design and structure, the three key pillars at this eco-sustainable resort, detox wool, Swiss pinewood and regenerating slate forms the parameters of the suite, emanating a warm welcoming to ease guests into utmost comfort and luxury throughout their stay. Every last detail in this 65m2 suite has been thought-through to enable a canvas of sustainable accommodation. From sleep-enhancing Swiss pinewood panelled walls sourced from the surrounding woodlands to the bed-sheets and duvets, enjoy 24-hour access to a private outdoor sauna complete with an outdoor panoramic view, hydrotherapy Kneipp shower and drinking fountain with Grandeur water. Other amenities include a safe, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, hair-dryer, bathroom with shower, bathroom with double washbasin, separate toilet with bidet and walk-in closet with wardrobe.

Shared Spaces

Be in the company of others sharing the divine spaces at Arosea Life Balance Hotel. Equipped with advanced facilities in a contemporary and sustainable design, enjoy access to the spacious and bright gym room facing out towards the lake or the 5,000m2 Alpine Garden and 700m2 large swimming pond. Additionally, experience the exquisite Finnish outdoor sauna, bio-sauna or herb stone sauna and swimming pools with Jacuzzi beds using chlorine-free water, cleaned using active oxygen.

Food and cuisine

Besides offering guests with treatments and activities to activate spiritual and mental rejuvenation, Arosea also places heavy emphasis on each dish served to guests. At Arosea, they understand that food is not only fuel to the body but a source of vitality, strength and physical health. This is why Arosea’s restaurant not only strives to satisfy the curious taste buds but also takes great care in the selection of ingredients. The concepts of health, enjoyment and respect for nature are melded into unique dishes of traditional South Tyrol food made from organic ingredients in the absence of artificial and chemical flavour enhancers.

The ambience

Secluded in the heart of Stelvio-Stilfser Joch National Park with Swiss pine trees exuding a myriad of fragrances meets the still waters of the Ulten valley at the palatial foothills of meadows and mountains is the Arosea Life Balance Hotel. Each area of space is a display of unspoilt beauty of the natural landscape, enchanting guests to disregard troubles and foul and foreign feelings. Washed with waves of immediate enlightenment and tranquillity, Arosea is designed for those seeking a quiet escape void of distractions seeking inspiration to a fulfilled and balanced life. Avid nature lovers will also be pleased at Arosea as majority of the activities and classes will be spent in the pristine and clean outdoors, being one with nature.

The other activities

Additional meadow and mountain hiking and climbing, bike excursions of Alpine huts, fishing in natural lakes and valleys, Alpine garden tour, marked excursion tours, additional spa treatments.


North of Italy, bordering Switzerland sits the Arosea Life Balance Hotel in undisturbed stillness. Located in the South of Tyrol facing the Ulten Valley, this region of Italy is rich in history, culture and architectural appeal. For those wanting to explore this discreet region of Italy further, numerous castles and churches embodying traditional Tyrolean characteristics and history, built by local noble families are short drives away. Also close by are famous museums including the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and Messner Mountain Museum, established to educate visitors of man’s encounters with mountains.