Weight Loss Retreats

Coiled in a fast-paced routine, modern life can be both demanding and arduous, marking personal wellbeing, health and fitness under a lower priority. For those looking to turn this habit around, escape on a wellness holiday in Europe and confining countries on a weight loss retreat. Whether the destination is a little-visited countryside corner or a formal aristocratic home, each destination will enforce mental, physical and spiritual health, striking a balanced psychophysical balance.

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Italy > Lombardy

Cleansing Jivamukti and Ayurveda Retreat

available between -
05th Jun 2020 - 08th Jun 2020


£989 pp

Italy > Lombardy

Immersive Jivamukti and Ayurveda Retreat

available between -
10th Jun 2020 - 14th Jun 2020


£1370 pp

What are weight loss retreats?

Release your inner-wellness warrior on a weight loss retreat held in some of the world’s most luxurious resort, hotels and spas, in a range of unique destinations across Europe and confining countries. Whether the idea is to get your physical regime back on the road or a swift urge to swipe away distractions and stress to focus on personal wellbeing all the while cleansing, slimming and detoxing the body, a weight loss retreat will be able to satisfy these objectives. Each weight loss retreat will consist of physical activities suitable for all fitness levels. From biking, trekking, meditation and yoga to healthy cooking classes, Ayurveda and slimming spa treatments, learn the fundamentals of incorporating exercise and healthy eating simultaneously to achieve a healthier, happier and lighter you.

Why a weight loss retreat may suit you?

Each day carries twenty-four fleeting hours, an endless list of to-do needed to be completed before retiring under the duvet sheets. With so little time to take solo strolls though tangled alleys and consideration for personal fitness and health, the mind, body and spirit becomes exposed to the consequences. In comes a weight loss retreat, designed to help individuals crop out the city clamour, replaced by the kinetic energies radiated by the alluring landscapes. Sit straight, stretch the arms and let the swirling splendour seep in to activate spiritual awakening on these health retreats. Physical activities will be gentle but invigorating to encourage even the most sedentary guests to reconsider taking control of their physical strength, stamina and shape. Weight loss retreats are ideal for those looking to find an open opportunity to focus on their physical health and fitness without needing to sacrifice luxury living or breaking into a sweat travelling far and at the thought of an intense workout. Because at Balance Holidays, we are against the extreme so save the sweat for the fun and energising activities, laughing and connecting with other likeminded individuals.

Types of weight loss retreats

Walking and Activity Retreats

Get those arms and legs moving to improve physical strength, stamina and shape on a Walking and Activity retreat. Having the legs tucked under a table Monday to Friday and fingers sticky-glued to the keyboard and smartphone screen is a self-sabotage cycle driving the mind, body and spirit close to dilapidation. Take a screen-break and be digitally removed as you firmly embrace the palatial green fields and the well-aged limestone statures. Having no phone clutched between the hands to focus on gentle body exercises, infected by the seductive energy of the outside will seem normal here.

Healthy Cooking Retreats

Hunger is not just a call from our bodies for food but also nutrition. Learn to identify right from wrong information revolved around sustenance, exercise and daily intake of food and drink on a Healthy Cooking retreat. Oftentimes taught by a local chef using traditional culinary concepts passed down from past generations, each meal will follow a principle to boost detox, rid inflammations and activate skin and cell renewal. Ingredients used will be organic, sourced from either the estate gardens or local farms to further encourage a healthier, happier you, leaving you to feel nourished and calm. Nutrition planning and meal plan will be included in cooking workshops to enable individuals with the independence to maintain a healthy lifestyle without traipsing through a new diet.

Destination Retreats

Rolling and worming in and out of the city can feel stuffy and constraining. Replace these dreary moods and experience the draw of the outdoors on a destination retreat, averting all concentration to the wistfully beautiful landscapes. Tuck deep into the heady floral gardens of an unspoilt bucolic estate or if discretion is a preference, clamber a cool cliff top to get you looking upwards and outwards. The main objective here is to help individuals feel removed from the trappings of modern life as you discover a territory of new, marvelling at the findings.

Why choose Balance Holidays?

Widening the horizons through travel can be a fulfilling satisfaction. When the gloom of city-life eclipses motivation and the little joys life can offer, completing simple tasks such as grocery shopping, going to the gym or an evening run after work can feel like an exhaustive drag. By joining Balance Holidays on a weight loss retreat, each retreat is intended to help individuals unearth the coping mechanisms of daily life and regain control of personal wellbeing by discovering how to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of each escape as well as keeping in shape.

At times, retreats may be perceived as physically and mentally demanding. However, at Balance Holidays, our retreats are against the extreme. Our aim is to simply open windows of opportunities for individuals to embark on a short break to reshuffle priorities and restore Zen. We understand that cloudy thoughts and misty-eyed emotions can block our paths of personal development and growth. Which is why when we design each retreat programme, the fundamental principle is to not only offer guests a unique experience through the chosen destination and accommodation but through different workshops, help guests learn how manage mood fluctuations, tackle stress and restore psychophysical balance.

Not only will we consider each detail to the granular level to ensure these objectives are attended to, rest, relaxation and luxury will seamlessly fuse together into each retreat without compromise from any side. Feel lighter and enjoy restored clarity being closer to personal goals and desires.

From different styles of yoga to physical activities in the likes of trekking around archaeological sites and cultural landscapes to gastronomic delight, each aspect of a weight loss retreat is carefully considered to help individuals maintain physical strength, stamina and shape and to better understand their own bodies. All concepts revolved around sustenance and activities will be applicable to life at home, allowing the journey of balance to continue beyond each retreat.

Another element special about Balance Holidays is the team. In understanding of the confusion around wellness retreats, the team are determined to become a source of inspiration to all those who are either at the beginning of their wellness journey or looking to continue integrating wellness into their lives. This is why, our customer service care is personalised and attentive to ensure each question is answered and advice offered, providing reassurance throughout each stage of booking.