Elevate and Nourish Retreat

Finca Serena, Mallorca, Spain


As tapestries of colour weave into the surrounding land, nourish the soul on all levels on the Elevate and Nourish Retreat. A welcoming invitation to take a moment for a deep pause from daily life to come back to your true self to rediscover your unique gifts and how to activate your inner energy to bring into the world. It is an invaluable opportunity to rejuvenate through meditation, nutrition and nourishing yourself on all levels to prepare you to thrive and not survive in alignment with the cycle of nature.

Balance Holidays welcomes Belinda Matwali and Morgan Witkin as the leading experts on this programme. Specially designed to provide a profound soul nourishment experience by combining mindfulness, meditation, plant-based nutrition and nature therapy together. Find new ways to become your own best friend and to listen to and bring out a truer, clearer state of mind, revealing happiness and your most authentic self to foster the change you desire.

Where nourishment and nutrition are often associated with food alone, across the retreat, Belinda and Morgan will be sharing insights as to how we can be nourished by our environment, physical exercises, the food we feed our bodies and different practices such as meditation, in order to feel thoroughly elevated and nourished. Pairing daily meditation and mindfulness with a roster of in-depth soul nourishment workshops. Explore how to nourish your energy body, tone your nervous system, lean deeper into your intuition and awaken your bliss body.

Representing beginnings anew as the Mallorcan sun fills the sky with its golden light and warmth. Lubricate the joints and awaken the body and energy channels with gentle embodiment practices in Sunrise Meditation and Stretching each morning. Following this session, take a guided Meditation Walk to be at one with the still and serene of nature. Ambling through the fragrant and fertile finca, spoiling the senses to a feast of abundant sight, scent and sound.

The interactive workshops taking place across this retreat will explore all aspects of soul nourishment. Immersive and insightful, each workshop is designed to provide techniques and principles to help you as an individual reveal subtle aspects to your core nature, which include:

- Energy and Nervous System Nutrition Workshop: learn how to deeply nourish your energy body and enhance ways to be rejuvenated by the nervous system

- Intuition Workshop: play with tuning into how we listen to ourselves using a system known as Human Design, giving us clues as to how our energy fields take in information and how it guides us to making decisions

- Bliss Body Nutrition Workshop: considered equally as important as physical body in Spiritual Nutrition, navigate unfamiliar emotions to allow deeper relaxation and enjoyment, engaging in exercises to connect and nourish the bliss body.

- Spiritual Nutrition workshop: with nourishment being a core pillar on this retreat, dive into the many ways we are and can be nourished with Belinda and Morgan. As when we eat food, we are also consuming the energy of that food, making the origins of fresh produce, its treatment and preparation essential

- Herbal Tincture workshop: Combining both Belinda and Morgan’s expertise, discover local herbs, plants, their nutritional profiles and how they can be mindfully integrated into food and teas to sustain the intake of vital nutrition in daily lives to supplement those missing as a result of contemporary farming techniques

With the retreat dates falling under the magnificence of a Taurus New Moon, gain a deeper understanding of the cycles of the moon and how to work with them in your personal astrological chart in a Working With The Moon Workshop. Since the Taurus New Moon aligns as an eclipse whereby, Solar Eclipses represent new beginnings and quantum leaps. Embrace this beautiful sweeping energy in the palms of nature, exploring the phases of the moon in a Taurus Solar Eclipse Meditation session. On a separate evening, set intentions and work with positive affirmations in relaxed states of consciousness in Springtime Yin Yoga, priming the body, heart and mind to then receive Yoga Nidra. A Spring Equinox Meditation Circle will take place on another evening to celebrate the arrival of the new, welcoming ideas on how and what we want to achieve with the energy cultivated across the retreat and how to exercise it into life at home.

For this retreat, Morgan together with Balance Holidays has curated a special menu. Plant-based and zero-kilometer, each meal enjoyed will reflect the soul nourishment philosophies of the retreat and the local destination, Palma de Mallorca. Incorporating Morgan’s vast knowledge of integrative nutrition and wholefood preparation that is sure to be a gastronomic delight. All dishes presented on the retreat are also intended to be in tune with the cycles of nature as much as possible through the careful selection of hand-picked ingredients grown in the nearby soils to highlight the importance of eating locally grown and seasonal ingredients on individual health and nourishment.

Find rest and respite between workshops and meals in the airy spaces of Finca Serena. Tucked away like an untold secret amongst 10 hectares of undulating landscape, where tumbling cypress trees, fields of lavender, vineyards, olive, lemon and orange groves reside and call for exploration. Finca Serena is an expression of authentic and laid-back living that is equally contemporary but also a portal to the past. Encouraging those who stay here to redefine their standards of living.

The Elevate and Nourish Retreat is an experience that will provide the opportunity for you to pull away from the everyday and trail back to the deepest self in complete nourishment. After forming new perspectives about what nourishment means and experience the energy elevation that comes from daily meditation, mindfulness and good food. Exploring these practices and concepts will convert into resourceful tools and techniques that can be woven into life after the retreat to come back to yourself and navigate life, particularly during times of challenge.

Whats's included

- Sunrise Meditation and Stretching
- Morning Meditation Walks
- Spiritual Nutrition Workshop
- Energy and Nervous System Nutrition Workshop
- Intuition Workshop
- Bliss Body Nutrition Workshop
- Working With The Moon Workshop
- Taurus Solar Eclipse Meditation Session
- Springtime Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
- Spring Equinox Meditation Circle
- Field-to-Fork Nutritious Meals
- Accommodation and Toiletries

For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night single occupancy in the Deluxe Garden, the price is £2,940pp

For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night double occupancy in the Deluxe Garden, the price is £2,460pp

For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night single occupancy in the Suite Garden, the price is £3,480pp

For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night double occupancy in the Suite Garden, the price is £2,796pp

To find out more about what's included or pricing, please contact the Balance Holidays team.

Transportation Costs To and From This Retreat

The experts

  • Belinda-49--cropped-725
    Belinda Matwali

    Belinda Matwali is a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide who is passionate about meditation, nutrition and nourishing on all levels to thrive and not only survive. She has trained extensively with meditation Masters in India and travelled the world learning under various teachers. Combining a variety of styles of meditation and meditation techniques, each of her classes and workshops offer a prized opportunity to align and be more present. Going deeper to really tune to yourself and your inner teacher within.

  • 983A6022-Edit-3--cropped-725
    Morgan Witkin

    A painstakingly difficult postpartum period led Morgan to embark on a personal journey to heal herself in any way that would resonate. The underlying thread that arose was that health, both mental and physical, begins with what we put into our bodies. After a series of personal experiments based on the eager desire to discover the ideal formula that would maintain a holistic picture of health, Morgan took her passion from the personal level to professional, seeking certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program. Her recipes are 100% plant based, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free. Yet there is no deprivation in this; flavor and variation are not sacrificed. It is full of food that nourishes from the inside out, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. © Photo by Sarah Orbanic

Property and rooms

Sensitively fused as one with its location above the serene emerald wilderness of forested hills and resplendent vegetation. Finca Serena sets a delightful stage for letting go and savouring moments of being. Simple and assured, the interior spaces carry an enduring allure infected by the slow and carefree tempos of the land that results in a sense of unparalleled calm and comfort. Respectful and responsible, the property is also a dutiful player who continuously strives to provide low-impact and sustainable accommodation. Following a stringent environmentally friendly protocol, some of the approaches in place are in the likes of 100% ecological viticulture, using natural water sources and reusable glass bottles.

  • Deluxe Garden

    Removing the barriers between indoor and outdoor, the Deluxe Garden offers an immediate sense of openness and flow. A private terrace and tall glass windows that draw in floods of natural light, ensuring uninterrupted focus on the mind-soothing panoramas of the abounding landscape. The rooms follow a neutral and pared-back style, emmanating spacious and contemporary rustic living by appointing white walls with natural fabrics including cottons and linens. Bathrooms are fitted with walk-in rain showers. Other amenities are a Kettle, Nespresso coffee machine and bluetooth speakers. Toiletries included.

  • Suite Garden

    Elegant and composed with a private terrace and veranda to admire the heart-expanding views over the estate and Pla de Mallorca. The Suite Garden allows guests to truly get away and disconnect from the everyday. Masterfully blending timeless modernity with a respectful nod to Balearic Island way of living, the brightly-lit rooms are divided into two separate areas. A spacious bedroom and a living area connected to the terrace. All draped in understated slicks of white and neutral tones to deliver cosiness and comfort. Other amenities are a Nespresso coffee machine, Kettle, Butler service and bed-turndown. Toiletries included.


A typical day

Food and cuisine

Garden-to-table culinary experiences are reconsidered on the Elevate and Nurture Retreat. Taking guests on a multisensory journey where the gifted team in Finca Serena’s kitchen artfully directs the bounty and diversity of fresh ingredients naturally available nearby in the property’s two large vegetable gardens and orchards. Each day, simple yet sumptuous dishes are prepared following local recipes together with present-day techniques and intelligent creativity.

  • 5 days
  • 15
    • 29th April - 03rd May 2022

  • 5 days
  • 15
    • 29th April - 03rd May 2022
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