Reimagine your approach to remote working and personal wellbeing on a Curated Working experience

Be inspired by a gentler way of living, cultivating a positive and healthier lifestyle. While also supporting you to adapt to new ways of working in an environment that is both intimate and welcoming, holding unrivalled proximity with nature.


- Impeccably curated, moulded to your individual needs and the demands of remote working. Each Curated Working experience is all-inclusive and works around your agenda to offer a fully flexible and personalised experience, that truly belongs to you.

- Embraced by the purity and stillness of nature, every property has been rigorously chosen and an exclusive partner of Balance Holidays. We work closely with them, placing a heavy emphasis on privacy, deep comfort and the freedom of space to provide the ideal environment that is productive and efficient for work and also supports wellbeing.

- Designed to provide a welcoming opportunity to take life at your own pace. Slow down and restore between workflow, taking the time to appreciate and focus on the things that matter to you through a dynamic selection of activities, classes and specialised treatments.

- From the chosen location to the ingredients, a specially designed menu and more. We promote an eco-friendly experience and sustainable community development working with local, trusted experts and suppliers.

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