Retreats in South Tyrol

Discover the greatness of the outdoors, embedded amongst the tall Pine trees and stretches of a still lake in northern Italy..

Situated North of Italy in a discreet space bordering Switzerland, expect utmost privacy and tranquillity on a retreat in South Tyrol. Surrounded by steep green slopes and the still waters of the Ulten valley, South Tyrol is an enchanting destination with unpretentious and welcoming demeanour, ideal for breaking free from work emails and laundry.

Welcome to South Tyrol..

Be nurtured and feel relieved on a retreat in South Tyrol. In the airy spaces of the Alpine woodlands, apple orchards and architectural marvel adds colourful charm to this unique region. For those seeking a short break to be in the company of nature and its whimsical beauty, consider South Tyrol as the go-to location. Each morning, draw a generous lungful of clean air to kick-start the day refreshed and feel restored motivation and determination to take on the new day in northern Italy.

Why a retreat in South Tyrol?

Often, a retreat and a holiday are confused as being the same so what exactly is a retreat? Despite similarities in their definition, to take time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, the approaches and results vary. To be more specific, a retreat is taking time to be away from the everyday settings, plunged into an immersive programme to achieve results such as personal enlightenment, unlocking creative energies and reevaluating our priorities. No two programmes are the same but each will be held in some of the world’s most exclusive and undiscovered corners such as South Tyrol in north Italy.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Held in some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious resorts and hotels, at the end of each programme we ensure guests are equipped with the essential tools to continue to choreograph a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. At Balance Holidays, we define a balanced lifestyle as being mindful, adopting self-care and listening to the body to nourish it with nutritious and healthy meals. We understand that individual needs vary which is why each programme in our collection is hand-selected and carefully considered to safeguard our guest’s needs and surpasses each expectations.

Why book with us?

Through first-handed, personal experience, we understand the confusion around the wellbeing retreats market, which is why our philosophy is to inspire others on their individual wellbeing journey. The team at Balance Holidays are readily available to speak to, to offer advise on the most suitable retreat to suit your needs as well as provide reassurance to make bookings a seamless and highly personalised service.