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Besides the city famed for romance, art, fashion and delicate blooms lining the boulevards and spacious courtyards..

Provoke guilt-free relaxation and ignite a deep connection with nature in the region of Île-de-France. Be aligned with the alluring outdoors through the ancient forests and woodlands. Marvel at the mind-easing panorama that unites history with the present in a region famed for undisturbed beauty and culture.

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France > Paris Region

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat

available between & ongoing -
14th May 2020 - 18th Oct 2020


£1532 pp

France > Paris Region

Creativity & Forest Bathing Family Retreat

available between & ongoing -
13th Aug 2020 - 16th Aug 2020


£1532 pp

Escape to the Paris Region..

Perhaps one of the world’s most iconic cities, not only is Île-de-France home to the vibrant, chic metropolis Paris, it is also surrounded in a spread of emerald forests and pastoral gardens. Once the summer destination for elegant and demure aristocrats, the region’s legacy remains in the sheer class and charm of the refined mansions, monuments and magnificent châteaux. Apart from the bustling city and crowded shopping aisles, the undisclosed depths are ready to be explored through strolls, hikes and other outdoor activities. Be transported into the heart of nature and enjoy the luxury of a laidback lifestyle in France. Take advantage of the opportunity to try local cuisine made from locally sourced, organic ingredients. After all, Île-de-France is considered the grandfather of modern gastronomy.

Why a retreat in the Paris Region?

For those seeking a low key and fuss-free escape without being too far away from home, an escape to the Paris region is the obvious choice. Easily accessible thanks to advanced modes of transport available, take gentle steps along the dapple-stoned streets minus the feeling of being completely removed from contemporary life. In a nod to wellbeing, retreats held in the Paris Region incorporate a modern twist, achieving a perfectly balanced harmony between luxury, exclusivity and mindful and clean, healthy living. White-stoned châteaux and fragrant gardens are just some of the iconic spots nestled away but still welcoming to curious and fascinated onlookers.

The Atlantic Ocean carries an inevitable influence on the region’s temperate climate. For this reason, it enjoys characteristic variations across the seasons involving the likes of pleasant summer warmth and cool and dry winters. Further long from the city, this unique temperament contributes to much of the region’s agricultural fields, wild woodland and vernal ponds defined by twisty, tangled vein-like rivers and streams. Villages are scattered with romantic, ancient castles telling forgotten tales of a bygone era. Leave a good part of the day feeling excited for premium wine tasting, produced in the neighbouring province renown and named after the famed sparkling white wine, Champagne.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Each programme in our collection is highly curated, designed to meet your wellbeing goals and surpass expectations. We believe the destination is a vital element to the experience that should not go forgotten, hence we always make sure the unique aspects of the destination are integrated into the programme.

Not only do the properties, hotels and resorts we choose to partner with share the same values as us. They are each unique and also share the same vision: to build a greener landscape of travel for the traveller and local communities. This is why we place careful attention towards the impact of our choices as well as into the tools for self-care and wellbeing as we believe nature and personal welfare go hand in hand. We believe in simple and organic approaches to restoring balance that can also be threaded into life at home. From choosing locally sourced ingredients to breathing exercises and frequent strolls in a local park, discover wellbeing through travel with Balance Holidays.

Why book with us?

Finding and choosing a trusted retreats company that not only focuses on your personal needs but also the wellbeing of our planet can be confusing and overwhelming. At Balance Holidays, we sculpt and tailor our service to help and guide individuals into choosing a retreat for them. From those at the beginning of their journey to those wishing to continue sharpening their skills and expanding their knowledge, we provide support and advise throughout the booking process and we are available to speak to even after each retreat. We understand we are unique in our owns ways, which is why our reasons for choosing to attend a retreat will be different too. Whether the intention is to find answers to your probing questions or gain clarity on which direction to gear towards, ask us all the questions and we will help you find a retreat that best suits your needs.