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A collection of wellbeing retreats surrounded by an exotic vibrancy, buzzing atmosphere and soaring mountains..

A truly spectacular destination leaves deep imprints in the heart. Escape to Morocco, an entryway to impressive culture, arts and traditions. No matter the season, be dazed by diversity and feel the fervent vibrancy, a consistency across the land and amongst the people, a gesture of welcome from Morocco. Awaken the adventure spirit and let the memory making begin.

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Morocco > Marrakesh Region

Enliven at Sophisticated Moroccan Retreat

available between & ongoing -
10th Feb 2021 - 14th Feb 2021


£1761 pp

Our day-to-day lives are continuing to become busier. Piled with more responsibilities therefore less vacant windows to stop and breathe, it becomes important to manually implement a moment of quiet and stillness to prevent physical and emotional health implications. Retreats are sometimes misunderstood as a holiday and while they share a similar definition, the approach and results vary. At Balance Holidays, retreats are defined as an opportunity to help individuals break away from the every day cycle to engage in various outdoor activities and treatments to restore and nurture psychophysical balance.

Why a retreat in Morocco?

Deep in cultural heritage, rooted in warm hospitality, there is plenty to offer on a retreat in Morocco. Eclecticism and eccentricities aplenty, here in Morocco, spectacular sights, sounds and scents will arouse strokes of curiosity and silence any worries and troubles trapped in the mind.

Daily life can be demanding and because our to-do lists never seem to shrink, the priority to take time out of our schedules for a brain-break also shrinks. Learning to take sufficient time to go on a retreat can prove beneficial for personal wellbeing. However, the destination also plays a vital role as it contributes to the overall effectiveness of each programme.

By being circled in the magnificence of Morocco and its natural splendour, this will activate the natural healing virtues of the outdoors and boast added relaxation and soul-soothing tranquillity. From invigorating yoga classes each morning to an afternoon stroll besides iconic white-capped mountains and creative workshops, uncover the mystical aura of Morocco. Enjoy a true taste of Morocco with nutritious meals, freshly prepared daily using organic ingredients incorporated into traditional culinary concepts. Each programme is designed for a complete and definitively exceptional experience allowing individuals to be able to choreograph their journey of balance.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

When you decide to begin your wellness journey with Balance Holidays, each programme will grant a moment of quiet and stillness in some of the world’s most exclusive destinations. Furthermore, guests will be equipped with the sustainable tools and knowledge to continue maintaining and facilitating balance at home. Because at Balance holidays, we believe that wellness extends beyond the parameters of each retreat. Our definition of a balanced lifestyle is self-care, mindfulness and healthy living therefore making wellbeing an indispensable component of every day life in order to live fulfilled and satisfied.

We design each programme in order for each guest to experience life-enhancing benefits and changes. However, we understand that every individual has different needs, which is why our collection of retreats are hand-selected and carefully designed to ensure these needs are met and expectations surpassed. Each retreat programme will integrate cultural and traditional influences owed to the destination. From body and facial treatments using garden-grown herbs to exploring the local landmarks, tasting mint teas and delectable pastries, let each retreat be a wellspring to heal and tune the body with the mind, cultivating balance.

Why book with us?

Drawing from first-handed experience of the confusion existing in the wellbeing retreats market, Balance Holidays seeks out to help guests who are looking to begin their wellness journey or continue their upkeep of balance in confidence, with a peace of mind. We are readily available to speak to and offer advice and reassurance throughout the booking process to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience. Acknowledging the need to take a short-break is the first step to restoring balance. The next step is choosing the correct programme and destination to facilitate your wellbeing goals. This is why our personalised service is in place to help guests find and choose an appropriate programme, marking the beginning of a well and happy journey of balance.