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A collection of exclusively designed retreats held in a destination brimming with new and exciting possibilities, abuzz with an enchanting energy that will stimulate all your senses

Once the imperial city to Morocco, situated in the West, Marrakesh is a major economic player and a centre-point uniting medieval roots with laidback bliss and an unhurried pace, the ideal destination for a wellness retreat. Famed for vibrant colours splashed along street buildings and reflected in plates of food, Marrakesh emits an energy so alluring it infects the people at the very first sight and breath.

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Ignite new perspectives and reboot the mind in the pastoral outdoor settings..

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Enliven at Sophisticated Moroccan Retreat

available between & ongoing -
10th Feb 2021 - 14th Feb 2021


£1761 pp

Welcome to Marrakesh..

Gardens filled with exotic shrubs and blooms plus cloudless blue skies and sunshine. Learn to unwind and let go of all your troubles and worries upon arrival in Marrakesh. Spreading an air of undeniable calm, Marrakesh will enforce a complete digital detox. With a full panorama of unsullied beauty and abundant wildlife, swapping digital screens for a real vision of nature is a great idea. Close by, iconic mosques and palaces stand tall and confident while the medina, a walled medieval city with tangled, maze-like alleyways is now known as a mecca for local crafts, jewellery and textiles. There is never a dull day in Marrakesh, only unruffled tranquillity and a feast for the curious minds and adventure spirits.

Why a retreat in Marrakesh?

By swapping out our usual environments for a new and undiscovered destination, a retreat does not only provide guests with the opportunity to disconnect and relax. Through outdoor activities, a wide-ranging variety of classes, workshops and body and facial treatments, guests will be able to confront, embrace and process troubled feelings and emotions instead of turning them away. Constantly gripped by the throes of haste, it becomes an easy thing to forget about our goals, dreams and purpose. Through attending a retreat, enjoy a multifaceted programme, designed to help you begin choreographing a life of satisfaction and fulfilment, covering the bases of your wellbeing to help you restore a sense of self.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Choose a moment of quiet and stillness in some of the world’s little-visited destinations on a retreat with Balance Holidays. Further to this, guests will be shown the importance of being equipped with knowledge and information about taking care of their physical and emotional health. Our aim is to equip guests with the sustainable tools and knowledge to facilitate and maintain balance at home and at work. This is because we believe that wellness extends beyond parameters of each retreat and focuses on the body, mind and spirit together.

Why book with us?

Drawing from first-handed experience, Balance Holidays seeks out to help guests who are either looking to begin their wellbeing journey or continue the upkeep of balance in confidence. We are readily available to speak to and offer advice and reassurance throughout the booking process to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience. Acknowledging the need to take a short-break from gauging content online and feeling demotivated is the first step to restoring balance. The next step is choosing the correct programme and destination to facilitate their wellbeing goals. This is why our personalised service is in place and is what sets us apart.