Retreats in the Gstaad Region

Be consumed by awe and fascination for the fertile green slopes, the symphonies of nature and the easy-going tempo.

Charming and attractive, the upscale town of Gstaad is guarded by soaring mountains, blanketed in a spread of colours. In the warmer seasons comes the verdant rebirth of nature, bringing with it a feeling of new beginnings and renewed eagerness for adventure. Take the chance to inhale the pure air and relish the immaculate ambience of the surrounding.

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Be interrupted only by your gentle breaths and curls of wind

Switzerland > Gstaad Region

Uplifting Swiss Alpine Retreat

available between & ongoing -
24th Jun 2020 - 28th Jun 2020


£3120 pp

Switzerland > Gstaad Region

Swiss Alpine Sound Bath Retreat

available between & ongoing -
23rd Sep 2020 - 27th Sep 2020


£3744 pp

Welcome to Gstaad..

Switzerland, known for its prosperous economy and breath-taking skiing slopes is also home to the scenic alpine region, commonly referred to as the Swiss Alps. Nestled below distinctive mountains and undulating pastures, Gstaad has long been referred to as a fine destination to breakaway from city noise and routine. Weathered timber wood restored for capacious chalets, circled by cattle ringing their cowbells, the unspoilt panorama transplants an immediate mind-opening movement; akin to a vibrant page out of a Hermann Hesse novel. The slogan here ‘come up, slow down’ is an accurate and increasingly important dialogue for the modern lifestyle. Let your attention be undivided and loop into an uncomplicated tempo in Gstaad.

Why a retreat in Gstaad?

Synonymous to Cannes in France, Gstaad outperforms itself with the ability to make individuals feel a part of the town’s decadence and exclusivity. Historically, the town was dominated by cattle farming but the introduction of ski runs and acclaimed ski schools it transformed the town into a chic destination. A retreat in Gstaad is perfect for those who want to experience luxury but also achieve a deeper connection with the well-preserved natural environment.

Expression through folk art is a famous Swiss tradition that is kept alive to the present day. First-handed experience of this cultural side to Gstaad not only means discovering treasured secrets but also unfolds a thrilling sensation. The diverse mix of historical, cultural and contemporary influences has resulted in an international hybrid that feeds into the cuisine. Authentic Alpine gastronomy aplenty, from fine-dining to cosy and relaxed restaurants, a retreat to Gstaad with Balance Holidays will conclude the stay with an overall pleasant impression.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

At Balance Holidays, we make an active effort to match the quality of our retreats to the exacting standards of every individual’s needs. Understanding what they require and applying that to the programme design process is how we are able to set ourselves apart from others. We encourage guests to become pioneers of their wellbeing journey in ways that are both sustainable and effective. We do this by equipping our guests with the knowledge and tools to practice mindfulness, yoga and self-care at home. Our focus is to help individuals find the time and space to reconnect with their core values and purposes and to return to the natural state of being in an environment that expands their horizons.

Why book with us?

First and foremost, Balance Holidays provides a personal service from the very moment you enter our website. We pay added attention to every detail, from the values of sustainability of each property we partner with, to the quality of each workshop and class included in our programmes. We ensure each programme not only satisfies the requirements of attending a retreat but serve as sources of inspiration to establish new and sustainable habits and lifestyles at home. We make sure we are on hand to provide any advice, information and reassurance throughout the booking process and after each retreat. Whether you require assistance for the very early stages of a query, or if you have already booked, we aim to make the experience enjoyable and hassle-free.