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A collection of wellbeing retreats in Europe, the continent renowned for its art, culture and history.

Never too far from home but enough to escape chaos and commotion, take a retreat in Europe. With a wide variation of retreats dotted across Europe, enjoy the holistic benefits of cutting-edge wellness facilities, spa and treatments to regain control of your wellbeing and redefined clarity.

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France > Paris Region

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat

available between -
29th Aug 2019 - 30th Aug 2020


£1507 pp

France > Provence

Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat

available between -
09th Apr 2020 - 13th Apr 2020


£1940 pp

Italy > Puglia

Restoring Harmony Fig Farm Estate Retreat

available between -
22nd Apr 2020 - 20th Sep 2020


£1600 pp

Italy > Tuscany

Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

available between -
12th Jun 2019 - 08th Sep 2019


£1853 pp

Europe as a retreat destination

A retreat in Europe is an ideal choice for those wishing to take some time away from home to spend abroad without the stresses of traveling too far or for too long. For a detox or to indulge in thermal spa treatments to achieve degrees of spiritual awakening and psychophysical invigoration, Europe is home to some of the world’s most luxurious wellness retreats with guided workshops, classes and therapies held by industry specialists.

Taking time out to disconnect from the stressful components present in everyday life to reconnect with your inner-spirit by choosing to go on a wellbeing retreat is a wonderful and healthy option to regain balance between the mind, body and soul.

To allow a thorough and immersive experience, wellbeing retreats are often located away from the overwhelming city concrete jungle in exchange for surroundings of idyllic beauty, pristine green landscapes rich in local historical culture and traditions to provide a serene and tranquil setting and stress-free solitude to relax the spiritual mind and physical body. For those wishing to remain close to home, choosing a wellbeing retreat based in Europe, at some of the most luxurious and exclusive resorts in the world provides an ideal solution, assuring the best of both worlds.

Although choosing a retreat in Europe may seem as though the escapism element has been withdrawn, the unique and unforgettable experiences and stunning sceneries in the exclusive corners of a European destination will help any drops of doubt ebb away. Beyond the realms of ordinary, there is a varied scale of charm and allure in Europe making it a destination of consideration for wellbeing enthusiasts. From towering lush green forests and wildlife aplenty woodlands in France to still and azure waters and gentrified architectural landscapes in Italy, embrace fresh new perspectives and answer the curiosity of the unknown, embarking on the journey of wellness.


Admired by visitors far and wide for its aura of romanticism, clear the mind and swap fast pace and pressure for inner peace and lithe limbs on a retreat in France. Home to unspoiled, laurel forests and wild woodlands, mornings will be spent in sync with the rising sun and chirping birds as the native grounds and local vernacular host an ethereal environment to detox and detach. Transport to France is easily accessible and convenient making France a suitable option for those wishing to stay close to home and looking to spend less time commuting across borders.


Renown for its uncanny resemblance to a boot, boundless spells of sunshine, wistfully beautiful azure waters and sandy coastal beaches, Italy carries a nickname of being the Caribbean of Europe. Italy is a prime destination for a relaxing get-away, to be at one with nature surrounded in bountiful bloom country fields and manicured meadows. When it comes to spending time outdoors in an undiscovered corner of a mystical country, where the only distraction is the gentle whistling winds, lapping ocean waves and the historically preserved white limestone estate home sitting humbly between groves of olive and citrus trees, choose a retreat in Italy to learn how to cook, eat and drink healthily and tools to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle back home.

Why a retreat in Europe?

Retreats are often misinterpreted as holidays however, although both share a similar definition, which is taking time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, the approaches and the results of each vary. A retreat is an immersive and unique experience being away from the comfort of home and stresses of everyday life to achieve realignment of physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. To achieve a new degree of realignment and balance, each programme consists of yoga, which individuals choose to match and suit their needs as well as breathing exercises and meditation.

Each retreat is an opportunity to relish in an unforgettable experience and attain physical rejuvenation, spiritual awakening, redefined purpose and inner-clarity. As time has moved forward, the evolution of the art and science of Yoga has followed suit therefore the type of yoga retreat and yoga programme chosen can choreograph an individual’s wellbeing with different results.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Journeying with Balance Holidays means experiencing restored life-balance and wellbeing at exclusive resort and hotel destinations. Our aim is to provide the tools to help individuals cultivate and maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle for self-care, mindfulness and healthy living which is why each programme at Balance Holidays is hand-selected by us to suit individual needs, ensuring those needs align with their expectations. Each programme carries elements of the surrounding culture and traditions to offer an unforgettable experience that stretch beyond the realms of ordinary, discovered just for you.

Come with us!

At Balance Holidays, our philosophy draws from first-handed, personal experience and understanding of the confusion around the wellbeing retreats market which is Livia, the co-founder of Balance Holidays sets out to inspire others with her individual wellbeing journey by being readily available to speak to, to offer advise and reassurance, making bookings with Balance Holidays a seamless, highly personalised and unique service.

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