We understand that the Covid-19 situation has caused disruption and unease to your travel plans for the past months. As summer approaches and we begin anticipating new and exciting experiences with our loved ones, we at Balance Holidays want to help you continue moving, creating, relaxing and connecting in beautiful and natural destinations. Therefore, in answer to your needs, we are happy to offer Balance Holidays Retreats-On-Demand for parties of 6 or more. This offering is available for most set-date programmes listed in the schedule below, as well as possible customisation to the retreat schedules. To learn more, click here or to discuss in more detail with a member of our team, contact us on We are here to help!


JULY 2020


Il Borro Premium Suite Window View

Restore at Authentic Tuscan Retreat in July

08th – 12th July, from £2,280pp

Tuscany, Italy

Take a step back from routine and reimagine your wellbeing in a spectacular corner of Tuscany on the Restore at Authentic Tuscan Retreat. Backed by beautiful landscape, complete with vineyards, native Cypress trees and dense forestry, take it slow and enjoy a deserving moment of rest this Spring. Begin each day with an open heart and mind in Dynamic Odaka Flow Yoga with our expert, Melania de Masi…





Broughton Hall Estate Retreat ThumbnailReconnect and Rewild at Yorkshire Estate Retreat

05th – 09th August, from £3,000pp

Yorkshire, North England

Framed by moorlands and meadows, head to the English countryside this August to let go of your old compromised self and learn new skills to promote a new, wild, connected and empowered version of you on the Reconnect and Rewild at Yorkshire Estate Retreat. Balance Holidays welcomes Tony Riddle as the leading expert on this programme. This special experience will bind the values of disconnecting from a fast-paced environment and turning to the wild nature to unlock true potential and return to a restful and happy state…



Reaffirming Croatian Wine Estate Retreat

13th – 17th August, from £2760pp

Istria, Croatia

Relax the body and reset the mind in the quiet and quaint countryside at the Meneghetti Wine Hotel in Istria. After serving as a well-known refuge for the Austro-Hungarian army in the 19thCentury, this humble property was rediscovered and restored from its derelict ruins in the early 2000s. Seizing opportunity of firstly, the location followed by spacious fields, dense forestry and great splendour, today, the estate is a prime destination for tucking away from structure and modern society…



Uplifting Swiss Alpine Retreat

27th – 31st August, from £3,120pp

Gstaad, Switzerland

Welcome the summer with the revitalising settings of Gstaad, Switzerland on the Uplifting Swiss Alpine Retreat. Surrounded by steep and verdant slopes, situated in the Southwest region of the Swiss Alps, Gstaad is a charming village attracting visitors from all over the world seeking respite from the city-marathon…





Restore at Authentic Tuscan Retreat in September

02nd – 06th September, from £2,280pp

Tuscany, Italy

Take a step back from routine and reimagine your wellbeing in a spectacular corner of Tuscany on the Restore at Authentic Tuscan Retreat. Backed by beautiful landscape, complete with vineyards, native Cypress trees and dense forestry, take it slow and enjoy a deserving moment of rest this September…



Revitalise at Aeolian Island Retreat

15th – 20th September, from £3,120pp

Salina Island, Sicily, Italy

Abound in evergreen that meets an infinite blue upon a cliff top, the chalk white stoned estate that rises from its luxuriant surroundings is Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia. With exquisite views bathing under the warm, ruddy sunshine, free yourself to the mellow and mind-easing atmosphere on the Revitalise at Aeolian Island Retreat in Salina, Sicily. Labelled as “the green island” amongst its seven sisters in the Aeolian Islands archipelago, Salina’s fertile land and rising green peaks create…



Sound Bath thumbnail 2

Swiss Alpine Sound Bath Retreat

23rd – 27th September, from £3,744pp

Gstaad, Switzerland

Recognise and appreciate pure sounds and vibrations on the Swiss Alpine Sound Bath Retreat, an experience enabling a connection to natural elements that create a safe space to let go of any unwanted stress, emotions and limitations. Tune the mind with the inner voice and feel free to express and release what is held within…



Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat in September

23rd- 27th September, from £2,400pp

Provence, France

During the Energy Awakening Lake Lodge retreat, sleep in one of the sleek wooden cabins that float on a still lake besides the Provencal vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. These waterfront cabins are each equipped with contemporary home comforts, while a unique O-zone treated Nordic hot tub is installed on the terrace of each cabane to provide added spells of private relaxation. Enjoy yoga sessions with a difference, every morning and evening. Start the day at sunrise with…





Forest bathing tree house retreat thumbnail

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat in October

15th – 18th October, from £2,280pp

Paris Region, France

Wake up high amongst the trees, to the sound of the birds singing and the leaves whispering in the breeze on each morning of this weekend yoga retreat. Each tree house is furnished with the comforts of a contemporary hotel and includes an O-Zone treated Nordic hot tub on the private terrace. You will be invited to experience the ancient ritual of forest bathing (often known as Silvotherapy), led by an expert…





Azaren balance holidays retreat thumbnail

Enliven at Sophisticated Moroccan Retreat

10th – 14th February, from £1,761pp

Marrakesh Region, Morocco

Standing before the soaring Atlas Mountains, surrounded by 16 acres of gardens and fragrant olive groves, discover the Enliven at Sophisticated Moroccan Retreat. An exclusive and secluded estate situated South of Marrakesh, the thick, monastic walls ought to seem intimidating but after catching a few glimpses of the mind-easing panorama, a raise of reassurance is delivered…



APRIL 2021


Creativity and Forest Bathing Family Retreat

08th – 11th April, from £1,752pp

Paris Region, France

Mark the beginning of summer, having fun, bonding and reconnecting with little ones on the Creativity and Forest Bathing Family Retreat. Get excited for new adventures, creating memories together in a unique destination with this exclusive programme. Involving various workshops, classes and exercises, the main objective is promoting a stronger bond and relationship between parent and child…



Commenda di San Calogero Retreat Thumbnail

Spring Revival at Sicilian Manor Retreat

21st – 25th April, from £2,160pp

Sicily, Italy

In a nod to the serene surfaces overlooking 110 acres of lush green fields, join Balance Holidays on a specially curated retreat at the country home of Commenda di San Calogero. Dating back to the 16th century, sitting humbly beside the San Calogero River on the outskirts of the Iblean plateau, let the heart and mind wander and seek inspiration in the captivating floral gardens, which will serve as the backdrop for daily outdoor activities…