Reconnect and Rewild at Yorkshire Estate Retreat

Broughton Hall, Yorkshire, North England


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Woodland Walks and Runs, Wild Swimming, Forest Bathing and Tree Climbing


Framed by moorlands and meadows, head to the English countryside this August to let go of your old, compromised self and learn new skills to promote a new, wild, connected and empowered version of you on the Reconnect and Rewild at Yorkshire Estate Retreat. 

Balance Holidays welcomes Tony Riddle as the leading expert on this programme. This special experience will bind the values of returning to the wild-nature to unlock our true potential, rediscovering a naturally restful and happy state and establishing a new point of view, breaking away from unsettling yet familiar environments

Sitting discreetly amongst 3,000 acres of land, for the very first time, Broughton Hall Estate in Yorkshire, North England will open its doors to hold a retreat. The property will be open exclusively and privately to guests of this retreat across the full duration of the programme. The resplendent landscapes paired with modern-day comfort and convenience of the historical property will provide each guest with an undisturbed space to reflect and reconnect. While the newly furbished Avalon Wellbeing Centre, where some of the programme’s scheduled activities will be held, will encourage guests to anchor ourselves to our breath, our thoughts, our feelings and silence, enveloped in an acceptance of who we are. 

Confinement has prompted a relaxed structure in our days and diminished exposure with the outdoor, natural landscapes. Hence, in this programme, Tony will guide individuals to explore a dynamic range of functional, engaging and fun movements through daily nature-immersive activities, such as woodland walks, runs and wild swimming, the key focus being correct, natural form and posture. Forest Bathing and Tree Climbing are included too, to ignite childlike excitement and imagination through play.

For a complete and authentic back-to-nature break, expand the lungs, drawing in big, beautiful breaths in breath work sessions, positioned beside the neatly trimmed, lush English countryside gardens. Rest time is equally as important. Generously spaced between revitalising activities and outdoor-adventures, take a nap beneath the trees, go on a gentle stroll or bridge new, lasting and meaningful relationships, savouring each moment together.

As our technology and food consumption patterns have also faced the brunt of confinement at home, healthy, nourishing, gourmet meals using locally sourced ingredients will be available daily throughout the retreat, specially designed by Balance Holidays. Mealtimes will take place in the estate’s laidback crowned-dome conservatory, allowing unobstructed views of the hazy floral gardens and symphonies orchestrated by abundant wildlife to complement each meal. The use of artificial light will be kept to a minimum throughout this retreat, allowing our bodies to synchronise with natural light, limiting the disruption to our circadian rhythms and allowing deep nourishing sleep.

Unmatched by surreal scenery, complete with vibrant colours woven across the fields and into the skies, be kind, honest and accepting of yourself on this retreat, happening in Yorkshire, North England this August! 

*To learn more about how a typical day on a retreat looks like, please see sample here and for more information about food and cuisine, please see here.

What's included

  • Woodland Walks & Runs
  • Wild Swimming
  • Forest Bathing & Tree Climbing
  • Mobility, Movement and Flow Activities
  • Breath work Workshops
  • Cacao Ceremony & Meditation
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Field-to-Fork Nutritious Meals
  • Accommodation and Toiletries

The Expert

The Natural Life-Stylist

Having been there and experienced the feeling of existing in a perpetual state of ‘making-do’, Tony Riddle, The Natural Life-Stylist strives to help individuals reclaim a sense of oneness with themselves and Mother Nature. His philosophy is anchored in the belief that we are each powerful human beings, in possession of everything to become the change we desire and to alter our current state of mind. His classes and workshops are built around the importance of nature because he believes, if we recognise that nature is missing from our lives, we can reconnect with it, fall back in love it, and in doing so, enter a profound state of wellbeing. We are innately wild, connected and empowered beings. It’s time to rediscover your Human potential!


The property’s rich and extensive 900-year history is intelligently integrated with modernity and contemporary comfort into the bedrooms. Furnished to display individual character, each room is a step into an authentic space of relaxation, luxury and heritage. Blending creative flair with tradition, each piece of furniture is chosen with careful consideration to deliver an exemplary and unforgettable stay.

Room Types

Grand Rooms

Thoughtfully designed to strike a balance between its cultural roots and modern day living, experience tradition, opulence and luxury in the Grand Rooms during the retreat. Dark mahogany panels are teamed with elegant furniture and ornate décor to provide an intimate and personal space of enjoyment and relaxation. Tall windows are also installed to allow continuous closeness with nature and contact with natural lighting that will encourage a gentle wake in the mornings. Bathrooms echo a classic English charm with a unique decorative style. Toiletries included.

Shared Spaces

Make the most of the experience, moving and connecting with one another in the communal spaces at the Broughton Hall estate. From rolling meadows and flourishing gardens, to the outstanding details of the living area and dining rooms, enjoy added relaxation with exclusive access to Avalon Wellbeing, a newly built facility centre equipped with a yoga and meditation room, heated swimming pool, sauna and steam room. Be introduced to the greatness of the Yorkshire countryside in sprightly afternoon walks, engaging in wholesome conversations, exchanging ideas and indulging in moments together.

Food and Cuisine

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures but it is also a source of energy and vitality too! To coordinate with the philosophy and principles of this retreat, plant-based dishes, using locally sourced ingredients, plus small doses of protein will come together to present healthy and nourishing meals each day. *Please notify us of any dietary requirements and allergies you may have.

The Ambience

Yorkshire is a hidden gem with scenery so attractive it almost seems untouched. Yet the true charm behind the lush greenery and well-preserved history is its easy-going and serene disposition. Where the air is thin and the sprawling fields gesture for gentle motion and new adventure, value the preciousness of human connection once again, the excitement to play and the pleasure of being driven by one’s own marvel for the new surroundings, unbound by time and fear.

For Private Groups

This programme is also available on-demand for private groups of up to 6 or more on dates preferred by you and your group. Please contact us for more information.


Location meets luxury, heritage, architecture and comfort at the historical property, Broughton Hall Estate. Standing tall and confident, rooted in delightful British tradition, the surrounding settings are equally sumptuous and stunning. From old ruins of abbeys, castles and mills to an untouched blend of countryside colours and moods, the Yorkshire countryside will host your every inclination.

Practical Info

The closest rail station to the estate is Skipton Railway Station. You may book a car or taxi from outside the station, quoting the below address to bring you directly to the domain. Total journey time if local traffic conditions permit will be approximately 15 minutes.


Broughton Hall Estate
BD23 3AE

Check in / Check out:

This programme has a welcome initiation and nature walk scheduled for 4:30pm on the day of arrival. We therefore suggest booking tickets with an arrival time that allows sufficient time for travel from the airport / train station to the estate. You will be allowed to check into your room from 2:30pm onwards but if you arrive early, you are welcome to access the common spaces until your room is ready. On the day of departure, this programme will conclude following outdoor activities and a brunch, however please feel free to depart earlier to suit your personal agenda. Please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding check-in and check out.

What to pack:

We recommend bringing a bathing suit and some comfortable clothes to access the swimming pool, spa and gym facilities as well as a refillable water bottle and a small backpack to carry your personal belongings during outdoor activities. We also suggest bringing a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent, as well as basic personal hygiene products.