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A collection of meditation and mindfulness retreats in the world's most scenic locations

Each thought and feeling is part of us but can sometimes become hostile and aggressive. To improve the outlook and approaches of daily life, embark on a mindfulness retreat engaging in meditation and varied breathing exercises to realign the mind, body and spirit.

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Mindfulness retreats in quiet and peaceful locations to refresh your mind through various therapeutic techniques

France > Provence

Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat

available between -
20th Mar 2019 - 24th Mar 2019


£1940 pp

Italy > Sicily

Grounding Retreat at Sicilian Historical Manor Farm

available between -
10th Apr 2019 - 14th Apr 2019


£1346 pp

France > Paris Region

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat

available between -
09th May 2019 - 12th May 2019


£1507 pp

Italy > Puglia

Restoring Harmony Fig Farm Estate Retreat

available between -
18th Apr 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£1600 pp

What does mindfulness mean to you? With the increasing rate of work-related anxieties and depressions and social-media-stimulating stresses, the call for a digital detox to clear the mind to provide relief from the toxic energies in the surrounding atmosphere of daily life has become radical. To do this, individuals embark on a wellness journey through a mindfulness retreat.

Being mindful is a technique and state of mind of being present in the moment, conscious to the surrounding sounds, scents and flavours as well as the personal sensations, emotions and thoughts. Instead of alienating these elements, being mindful internalizes them by accepting them for being a part of you and learning to handle these in the day-to-day life, leading to an overall improvement of wellbeing.

A mindfulness retreat is swapping the comforts of home and distractions of daily life for countryside dwellings or luxury resort settings to focus on mental and emotional wellbeing. This is achieved through mindful activities such as meditation, breathing and gentle motion exercises to stimulate feelings and emotions. After each mindfulness retreat programme, experience life-changing results with the newly equipped coping

Why a mindfulness retreat may suit you?

For those feeling tirelessly coiled in the repetitive cycle of daily life, fraught in a myriad of emotions, a mindfulness retreat is a wonderful way to disconnect and centralise the focus on you which can sometimes go forgotten in the rush of everyday. Attending retreats are often misunderstood for being aimed at a specific group of individuals or reconnecting with their religious values however this is not the case and there are different types of retreats for different people aimed at achieving different results. Each a transformative experience in itself, the focus of a mindfulness retreat is to take you away from a space of distractions to be submerged into a sanctuary of serenity and calmness to let the mind switch off to have time to reflect, realign purpose and discover new and typically healthier outlooks provoking spiritual awakening.

On top of this, with time on their side and a sense of slowness, individuals attending a mindfulness retreat are also able to re-evaluate the importance of life and the things that matter but have since been neglected all the while being warped in the wild symphony of life.

Types of mindfulness retreats

Beachside mindfulness retreat

Taking time out of the city to attend a retreat to indulge in some along time, focusing on the physical body, spiritual and mental mind does not always involve reaching new heights and riding new waves but to spend it by the lapping sea waves to soothe and calm the mind. On a beachside mindfulness retreat, let the therapeutic benefits of the aquatic sea and gentle whispers of the sea breeze quiet the mind and drift off to a space of tranquillity to focus on your senses, thoughts and emotions. A beachside mindfulness retreat is extremely beneficial to those who face difficulties being still and concentrating in the present as the natural landscapes are the only distractions to captivate attention and pique curiosities. 

Countryside estate mindfulness retreat

Open the heart and listen in the soothing sensations of the countryside in a countryside estate mindfulness retreat. For those looking to indulge in an oasis within an oasis and to be lost in the wonders of the wondrous outdoors, consider a countryside estate mindfulness retreat to restore and reconfigure purpose and clarity.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a mindfulness retreat?

Choosing to journey with Balance Holidays to begin a new wellness journey means experiencing life-enhancing and restored physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing at some of world’s most exclusive resorts and hotel destinations. At Balance Holidays, our goal is to help individuals learn how to cultivate and maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, mindfulness and healthy living which is why each programme in our wellness retreats collection is hand-selected and carefully considered. We also understand every individual is different and has different needs and so during our selection process, we ensure the programme matches individual needs and align with their expectations as well as surpasses it. Through each mindfulness programme, we aim to provide individuals with the essential tools, skills and techniques to have a stronghold over their daily lifestyle back home.

Each programme incorporates elements of local culture and traditions to offer an unforgettable experience that extends beyond the realms of ordinary, discovered and hand-chosen exclusively for you.

Drawing from personal experience and understanding of the confusion associated with the mindfulness retreats industry, the team at Balance Holidays sets out to inspire and assist others on their individual wellbeing journey. The team are readily available to speak to, to offer advice and reassurance, making booking with Balance Holidays a unique and personalised experience.

To help you find the best retreat choice, give us a call on 020 8036 3888