Balance Journal


Reasons why all holidays should be retreats

Holiday: hearing the word, what comes to mind? Rays of golden sunshine beaming across a…

4th November 2018


Cold pressed juices: the health hero we love!

Whether you’re strolling through the local supermarket or picking up a double-shot of espresso at…

4th November 2018


Vacation like an Italian

Italy, surrounded by the sea, located South of Europe with an uncanny resemblance to a…

4th November 2018


A beginner’s guide to meditation in 10 steps

Beginning with the explanation, what is meditation? Having heard all the soundly reviews, lauded as…

4th November 2018


Top 13 must-watch movies before visiting France

Often referred to as the land of flourishing and everlasting romance, home to iconic designers…

4th November 2018