Balance Journal


Loneliness vs. Being Alone: Learning and Spotting the Difference

Loneliness and being alone– two states of being that seem related but are actually completely…

19th September 2019


7 Hidden Gems in Paris

A city of decadence and ageless eloquence, Paris and its surrounding area is the most…

18th September 2019


Packing an Eco-Friendly Travel Bag

What choices do you make to be more environmentally friendly? With awareness rising and government…

12th September 2019


Morning and Evening Habits to Promote Self-Care

The word ‘habit’ sometimes comes with negative connotations, often associated with detrimental activities such as…

10th September 2019


Sustainability in the Products we Buy: An Interview With anemone and basilic

At a time of environmental uncertainty and change, we must come together as humans to…

30th August 2019