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How to Relax and Discover a New You!

Spring Has Sprung: Relaxation Guidelines to a New You Do you feel as if the…

26th March 2019


Spring clean your mind: the benefits of meditation

Winter is finally signing out. Next in line to check in is spring, which officially…

12th March 2019


Eco-Sustainable Travel: A New Travel Trend

Were you aware that the concept of “going green” now involves the use of sustainable…

9th March 2019


Plant-Based Milk Alternatives: What are they all about?

Are you lactose intolerant or do you wish to avoid some of the negatives associated…

10th February 2019


Sophrology, a new wellbeing trend, that can beat anxiety and boost your confidence in just 15 minutes

Do you constantly feel anxious and stressed? Wondering when the last time was when you…

31st January 2019