The benefits of Kundalini yoga for women

10th September 2018

Societal forces and pressures are enough to send girls and women at any age running to their rooms, crying into their pillows as they wallow in self-doubt for being far from society’s prescribed definition of perfect. This new norm of chasing and displaying perfectionism in our unflawed full-length body shots, friction-free family holiday photos and poised picturesque poached eggs not only dulls out the joys in daily life but chips our personal worth, self-confidence and blurring the importance of self-care and our perceptions between what is right and wrong. Losing direction and falling into a groove of negative thoughts

To restore clarification and defog from the midnight mist of misery, Kundalini yoga is a proven practise to do just that and is able to deliver a range of benefits in particularly for women across a wide age-range. Known as an ancient practise, both amateur and veteran yogis adopt Kundalini yoga to transform the dynamic of life, channel positive energy and most importantly, stimulate the full potential of you both spiritually and physical and to identify life’s purpose in celebration of womanhood. As reported by individuals who have undertaken Kundalini yoga classes, the effects are felt thick and fast after only a few classes so below, we explore the benefits this mysterious yoga practise exhibits for women.

What is Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini in Hinduism refers to stored energy located at the base of the spine. Kundalini yoga is a science and meditational art to improve consciousness to awaken the Kundalini energy through activating energy centres named ‘Chakras.’ To achieve a balance in the Chakras, Kundalini yoga consists of mixing breathing exercises (Pranyama), chanting mantras (Mantras), postures (Asanas) and gestures (Mudras) (Source: When carried out correctly through directed exercise combinations, students of Kundalini yoga become aware to the flow of energy inside and outside of the body to awaken the Chakras to heal. This powerful flow and redirection of energy within the body can be felt along the spine to reach the top of the head achieving a profound state of consciousness to offer a series of physical and spiritual benefits.

Enlightenment and mental clarity

Polluting our bodies with junk food and artificial chemicals in the form of additives and flavourings can lead to detrimental health problems yet another form of pollution coexists in the form of negative thoughts and emotions streaming into a range of mental illnesses and disorders. Losing sense of self and personal identity is a stifling crisis experienced by many modern-day city workers who feel they are frozen in place and time against a black and white backdrop unsure where to go and what to do next (Source: The uses of disorder: personal identity and city life, Sennett Richard 1970). If you feel synonymous to the above, then Kundalini yoga is the ticket to personal enlightenment and an improved mental clarity as the gathered energies offer the ability of increased consciousness, which helps you connect with your intuition to improve decision-making in the absence of blindfolding emotions whilst dispelling negative thoughts which can often side-track us from small joys and the objective of focus.

Move away moody movements

An emotional balance is consequential for personal healing and Kundalini Yoga is able to offer just that. This practice allows confrontation of both positive and negative thoughts as well as unfamiliar emotions. By teaching users to embrace these components when they surface to develop a neutral zone for processing before reacting under the influence is a key benefit of Kundalini Yoga. Learning and training to accept and understand the wide array of emotions but excluding them conscious decisions and answers is the activation of a high degree of consciousness within our Chakras. Every emotion and thought is a part of us however they oftentimes cause us to react in an irrational fashion so if you are experiencing mood fluctuations and wish to put these to an end, Kundalini yoga can be the cure to that.

Feel confident and restore sense of self

Being desired and appreciated are drugs, we get a taste of it and we crave more. Personal satisfaction, self-worth and self-care are key components to living life unbound to feel released and liberated. As Kundalini yoga draws us to confront our true selves head to head, staring back at you are built-up walls of fears, insecurities and doubt. Take this analogy for an example: a road trip is planned between yourself and two other friends however in order to ensure your car can withstand the long drive, the appropriate checks must be carried out which is when you notice the back wheels of the car are falling flat and need pumping. Your available options are to stop at a short-break at a service station to get this fixed or continue driving onwards risking the safety of yourself and your two friends. Under rudimentary circumstances, the former will be chosen and it is after the wheels have been sufficiently pumped with a tyre pump that will allow the drive to become smooth. Kundalini yoga is the tyre pump whilst the wheels are the drugs of attention, appreciation and desire. Engaging in this practise will help individuals detach from negative thoughts and regain self-control of one’s emotions which then in turn leads to a restored sense of self-worth. Confidence comes from within and until we are able to truly explore the inner-love and personal enlightenment, this can lead to a limitation on personal happiness and welfare, inhibiting success and dreams.