Horizon Line Prevention and Wellbeing Retreat

Amalfi Coast, Italy



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Positioned in The Heart of The Amalfi Coast, The First Health Prevention and Wellbeing Experience, Daily Qi-Gong Sessions with A Highly-Qualified Expert, Guided Mountain Trek Excursions with Impeccable Views, Exquisite Property Discreetly Positioned Amongst 4-hectares of Land with Private Access to the Tyrrhenian Sea


5 day programme


Fixed Date Retreat: Coming soon, Spring/Summer 2022


Group Size: Up to 20 guests


For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night double occupancy, the price is £3,000pp


For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night single occupancy, the price is £3,350pp


Tucked away on a craggy cliffside, witnessing the evolution of nature amongst lush foliage and the glistening, translucent waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Let the slow, laid-back pace of life of the Amalfi Coast provide lessons for cultivating and sustaining a healthy and balanced state on the Horizon Line Prevention and Wellbeing Retreat. 

Designed as the first high-end prevention and wellbeing retreat. Bringing an innovative combination of wellbeing experts and preventative medicine together with the Amalfi Coast’s untouched natural haven. This programme will offer guests a valuable opportunity to turn over from a year of challenge, downshifting and centering attention on restoring alignment between personal health, prevention and wellbeing. Gaining essential insight into a comprehensive approach aimed at nourishing and rejuvenating. Establishing connection between all systems to work in optimal harmony in unhurried strides amidst the openness and flow of space. 

Enclosed in unrivalled privacy and time-honoured landscape that instantly whelm the senses of the onlooker. Reverberate the Earth’s energy, neutralising stagnation, releasing and strengthening the flow of Qi, in daily Qi-Gong sessions under the guidance of Stefania Sobrero. Highly-qualified and a multi-degree doctor with knowledge passed down many centuries. Across this programme, Stefania will be taking guests on an extensive journey to reveal and explore the core aspects of this ancient Chinese practice that is still largely considered a secret of East Asia. Translated to read “master of one’s energy”, Qi-Gong is based on Chinese philosophy. Coordinating posture with gentle movement, controlled breath and meditation to increase the supply and direct the movement of energy throughout the body. Let the distractions and negative emotions freely enter and leave on their own, following the rhythm of breath in morning and evening mindfulness sessions. Together with Qi-Gong, it will help participants find stillness in their mind and a renewed understanding and acceptance for change. Recover your definition of motivation and inspiration in daily life-coaching workshops. Delving into various topics such as mindful living, positive thinking and stress management.

Let nature be your companion in daily guided mountain treks and walks with expert local guides. Where the bending trails are shy to the unfamiliar and require insider knowledge to dive beyond the surface of the land, towards the rewarding spectacle of breathtaking beauty. A dedicated doctor with extensive knowledge in the field of medicine and preventative health will be present across the retreat for personal one-on-one consultations. During free-time, saviour a moment of silence to pause and rest besides the wonders of the land in the cool and reflective, salt-water infinity pool. Or amble down discrete paths weaving along the hill leading to a rocky bay and private access to the sea. Stumble by hares, goats and a perfect trail of geese with its chicks along the way. Cheerily meandering along its usual route and headed towards the estate-run farm. A quiet spot that further incites feelings of relief and disconnection as the ordinary everyday is a far-reaching distance away. For active guests wishing to for a full body workout, a certified personal trainer is available for low-impact exercises to further enhance core strength and challenge the arms and legs. 

The exhilaration-filled days will be fuelled by an optimised and detoxifying nutritional care prepared by a private chef and from a menu, specially designed by Balance Holidays. The freshest ingredients, organically grown in the estate farm will be the leading characters in the kitchens. Presenting classic dishes inspired by heritage and flavours belonging to the surrounding land. Honouring local culinary techniques and further promotes a healthy body and mind. 

Showcasing decades-old Italian splendour and comfort, matched with an easy-going disposition. La Torre della Limonaia sits quietly in central position of the Amalfi coast, cocooned by sprawling landscapes. Rising as if it is one with it, exquisitely integrated with the pristine natural environment. The estate is an exclusive representation of life from another age, carefully preserved to pay homage to a bygone era. While equally honouring the never-ending views of the sea below and surrounding aromatic olive, lemon, elm and citrus trees. Effusing a collective sense of stillness and calm to every visiting guest.

Complemented by the astonishing terrain, enrich personal health and wellbeing and find lasting lessons riddled in the palms of the Amalfi Coast on the Horizon Line Prevention and Wellbeing Retreat.  Stilted on a Balance Holidays brand value and core belief that balanced wellbeing and health is sustained beyond each retreat. Key knowledge, wisdom, skills, habits and behaviours derived from this programme will lend continuity and integration with life at home. An approach that will fuse modern protocols with traditional wellness and medical concepts to go forward living a fulfilled and mindful lifestyle.

What's included

  • Daily Qi-Gong Practice
  • Morning and Evening Mindfulness Sessions
  • Life-Coaching Lectures
  • Daily Guided Mountain Trekking with Local Guides
  • Dedicated Doctor Available On-site for Personal Consultations
  • Optional Low Intensity Physical Exercises
  • Field-to-Fork Nutritious Meals
  • Private Access to Salt-Water Infinity Pool
  • Private Access To The Sea
  • Private Farm and Garden
  • Gym Access
  • Accommodation and Toiletries

The Experts

Stefania Sobrero

An active practitioner of integrative medicine and the founder and president of the International Association of Quantum Functional Energy (AIMEQ). Stefania Sobrero is a Therapeutic Qi Gong instructor, Chinese Traditional Medicine and martial arts expert. With over 20 years expertise in treating complex and rare diseases using Traditional Chinese Medicines. Stefania learned the teaching methods of Chinese Traditional Medicine from master Li Xiaoming and Professor Thomas Wu Tao Ling. She also pursued a degree at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology and studied under the very well-known master Howard Lee. Whom she learnt healing techniques such as The Light of Life, Healing with Energy and the Kung Fu techniques from.

Gerardo Casucci

With a personal belief in the principle of dialogue and that shared knowledge between the doctor and patient can be allies and victorious. Gerardo Casucci is a Professor at the Molise University, where he has worked on 110 scientific studies that have been published in international journals. Since graduating from Naples University in Medicine and Surgery in 1986, specialised in Neurology. He spent many years in vocational training and scientific research. Before turning his attention to exploring and deepening his understanding of prevention and health in the 1990s. Elaborating on original clinical-diagnostic algorithms to the most advanced fields of Personalised, Predictive and Precision Medicine.

Ruesch Clinic

One of the oldest private clinic establishments in Naples, South Italy, and driven by the values of research, innovation, humanity and compassion. Ruesch Clinic’s origin dates back to 1919, when Swiss industrialist Carlo Giorgio Ruesch, sought to offer preeminent health assistance to its employees and their families. Across the years, little has changed, staying faithful as ever to the original vision of its founder by continuing to provide care and health services at professional standards, scored against a universally recognised criteria. Professionals of great importance from qualified medical and surgical schools, universities and hospitals have each contributed to the consolidation of Ruesch Clinic’s prestige today. Continually feeding the best traditions of Italian medical culture to offer outstanding medical skills, high-quality services and qualified personnel in both the surgical and diagnostic fields. Further amounting to a realised goal of health that is deeply connected by Prevention and Lifestyle through Personalised, Predictive and Precision Medicine.


Perched on a cliffside, swirled in the fragrance of ancient lemon and elm trees. With commanding views of the vivid Tyrrhenian that gazes up at the sky, before disappearing together into the horizon. The rooms at La Torre della Limonaia seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor. Echoing the surrounding natural beauty to create a comfortable and personal space that feels a world away from the everyday.

Room Types

Superior Room

Graceful and composed, designed to embrace the lush coastal vegetation and unparalleled seafront panorama. Clean lines, a light palette and furnishings iconic to the region pays respect to the abounding natural settings in the Superior Rooms. Honouring the sublime colours, sounds and scents of nature that are invited through double-panelled windows and doors. Initiating a sense of continuity with the environment and a profound intimacy of tranquility, rest and relaxation. Which brings the body and mind in focus with each thought and emotion. Each Superior Room is equipped with a double bed, a spacious bathroom with shower and a minibar. Toiletries included.

Food and Cuisine

Centred on a farm-to-fork philosophy, that sees delicious and unconventional combinations together. Each day, chefs at the estate hand-select fruits, vegetables and herbs from the estate farm, ripened from the season’s care and nurture. Offering each guest a delightful menu that presents fresh insights to the pleasure of sustenance and nourishment through food. Unique for its variety, intense perfume and juice-soaked flesh. Lemons of the Amalfi Coast are an emblem of cultural significance to the region and saluted as utterly sublime and unmatched for its flavour. Grown and harvested in the estate gardens, the highly acclaimed fruit will make appearances in meals and refreshments. In addition to the chef’s daily organic picks, meals will also feature pulses and grains, legumes and seeds, small portions of protein and fish. Absent of dairy, gluten, soya, unrefined sugars, sweeteners and alcohol. *Please notify us of any dietary requirements and allergies you may have.

Health, Hygiene and Safety

Your health and safety has and will continue to take central priority in everything we do. For this retreat, Balance Holidays and La Torre della Limonaia have worked together to introduce and adopt heightened levels of health and safety vigilance and measures guided by local health authorities, WHO (World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) above their existing stringent standards. The objective is to provide a safe, comfortable and high-quality experience as expected from us. We also have an individual Horizon Line Prevention and Wellbeing Retreat determined Health & Safety protocol in place. If you wish to learn more, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or Covid-19 Update.


Resting along Southern Italy, spanning 50km, the Amalfi Coast boasts the brilliant warmth of sunshine and a medley of spellbinding scenery. A UNESCO World Heritage Site recognised for its maritime power in the Orient and West in a bygone era. As well as for its astoundingly attractive landscape. Characterised by the shimmering sea and sheer rugged cliffs, mottled with flourishing Mediterranean forestry and quiet villages preserving the land’s history, art and traditions. The main town, Amalfi, is 5km away from the estate. Wedged comfortably between blue waters and mountains and gives guests a comfortable starting point for curious explorers before heading up the heights. Further along, sits Ravello and Positano. At 265M above sea level, Ravello is quaint and quirky, carrying visionary vantage points. Yet, the main attraction lies amongst the sprawling stretches of lemon groves, vineyards and manicured gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, growing in profusion. Its alternative name, ‘City of Music’, is aptly suited for its role in hosting music festivals in the Villa Rufolo terrace, the Annunziata Historic Building and Ravello Art Centre each summer. Positano with its steep steps and unrivalled views require no introduction and are sure to dazzle. While Pompei, Sorrento and Capri are also only a stone’s throw away and ideal locations for taking things at your own pace to be in close-contact with nature.

Practical Info

A Typical Day



7:00am – 8:30am: Quantum Functional Energy Session

8:30am – 9:00am: Breakfast

9:20am – 1:30pm: Guided Trek 



1:45pm – 2:45pm: Lunch

2:45pm – 4:30pm: Free Time / Individual meetings with Doctor / Optional Low-Impact Strength Training Exercises

4:30pm – 6:00pm: Quantum Functional Energy Session



6:15pm – 7:45pm: Rest and Free Time

8:00pm: Dinner



*The activities and timings listed in this itinerary are indicative only. The final programme schedule will be emailed to you prior to the beginning of this experience and may vary depending on factors such as local weather conditions. On occasion, we may also swap activities around to ensure sufficient time for rest.


Check-in and Checkout


This programme will commence at 3:30pm on the day of arrival. You will be allowed to check into your room from 9:00am onwards. We therefore suggest booking tickets with an arrival time that allows sufficient time for travel from the airport to the estate. On the day of departure, this programme 

The closest airport is Naples International Airport. You may rent a car or book a taxi from outside the airport, quoting the below address to bring you directly to the estate. Total journey time if local traffic conditions permit will be approximately 60 minutes.


La Torre della Limonaia

Via Diego Taiani

38-40 Maiori

Amalfi Coast