Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat in September

Provence, France


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Provençal landscapes, Sound Bath Ceremony, Nordic hot-tub


During the Energy Awakening Lake Lodge retreat, sleep in one of the sleek wooden cabins that float on a still lake besides the Provencal vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. These waterfront cabins are each equipped with contemporary home comforts, while a unique O-zone treated Nordic hot tub is installed on the terrace of each cabane to provide added spells of private relaxation.

Enjoy yoga sessions with a difference, every morning and evening. Start the day at sunrise with a revitalising session of Vinyasa Energetic Yoga on the edge of the lake, saluting the sun. The evening session integrates elements of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with deep stretching and relaxing pranayama, overlooking the lake from all sides.

Participate in a Sound Bath by the mystical lake, a relaxation ceremony to recalibrate energies and release any trapped emotions. Also included in this programme is a Positive Energy workshop. The aim is to help individuals learn the fundamental tools to cultivate a happier life by learning and understanding how the brain works in challenging situations and how to improve reactions and attitude. Take the opportunity to explore the esteemed yet charming region on a visit to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape village and vineyards, accompanied with a wine-tasting session. If that is not enough to quench the adventurer appetite, rent a bike from the domain to amble across the airy fragrant lavender fields, a sight not to be missed!

Whole grain and fibre-rich food is served every meal from a menu that has been carefully designed by Balance Holidays to provide your body with the highest energy level, all the while eating deliciously. Plant-based meals will also be on offer using seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced from the farm next door. Each dish will be conceived using the main principles of nutrition combined with traditional local Provençal recipes. A traditional Provençal dinner is also included in this programme to provide an authentic experience to the local culture.

*To learn more about how a typical day on a retreat looks like, please see sample here and for more information about food and cuisine, please see here.

What's included

  • Morning Vinyasa Energetic Yoga
  • Evening gentle Yin Yoga and Meditation
  • Sound Bath Ceremony
  • Positive Energy Workshop
  • Visit to Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Wine Tasting
  • Traditional Provençal Dinner
  • Private Nordic Hot Tub
  • Field-to-Fork Gourmet Meals
  • Accommodation and Toiletries

The Experts

Happy Healthy Ila

Happy Healthy Ila is a passionate yoga and dance teacher who began yoga in her early 20s to improve her ballet dancing. She holds grace, elegance and gratitude as the key pillars of her philosophy. Living abroad and travelling across countries such as Brazil, New York, Singapore and now Paris has enabled her to adopt core elements of different yoga and meditation traditions into her personal methods of practise. It has also allowed her to access ports of different healing techniques ranging from forest therapy Shinrin Yuku to ayurvedic treatments all with a key purpose to help members heighten achievements of health and happiness independently every day.

Ingrid Guérin

Ingrid Guérin first came to contact with yoga in Shanghai, where she was pursuing a Masters degree in Urban Geography and Urban Planning. Through ancient literature pieces, she began to follow Iyengar yoga teachings, which helped her master breathing and meditation techniques, an area that holds her particular interest. After spending some time in America, exploring different styles of yoga and teaching, she returned to France to continue her training in Yoga Nidra and Kurma Yoga. As the Ancient Greek philosophers teach us, she believes that "everything flows" so, the premise of each of Ingrid's classes will be to guide students to find their own practice to let their body flow in a natural manner, creating unity between students inside and outside of the classroom.


Wake up to paradise at your feet on a floating cedar wood cabin in the heart of the vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, South of France. Tranquil lapping waves and soft whispers of gentle breeze accompanied by ultra-modern design amenities, bathroom, cosy living room area and outdoor terrace with O-zone treated Nordic hot tub provide a welcoming space.

Room Types

Bora Bora

The floating Bora Bora Spa cabane is one of the few and select rooms in Châteauneuf-du-Pape to greet you with undisturbed calm and tranquillity at the doorstep. Accessible by a pontoon, step onto the terrace as the last light of day thins across the horizon before embracing nightfall by taking a Nordic bath at 40°C in UBO technology treated water. Access through the bridge connected to the land.


The Aquarelle Spa Cabane is a floating cocoon nestled amongst the reeds and pine trees. Located in a secluded and preserved area of the field, indulge in the Nordic hot tub besides nightfall, with chemical-free UBO technology treated water at 40°C. Access through the bridge connected to the land.


Life is more beautiful if we take a parenthesis out of time, which is the inspiration behind the name of this floating cabin, named Parenthèse Spa Cabane. Accessible after a short walk along the bridge that is connected to land, this lodge is the ideal setting for a romantic escape out of time. Waiting on the open terrace, indulge in the Nordic hot tub with chemical-free UBO technology treated water at 40°C.


Feel at one with nature in the Eternélle Spa Cabane. Wake up in a Queen Sized bed to a greeting from the azure waters of the lake every morning. Disconnect, unwind and relax at this idyllic lodge on the open terrace or take a bath in the Nordic hot tub with chemical-free UBO technology treated water at 40°C. Fall in love above water level. Access via land.


Built on stilts, suspended above water and perched amongst bountiful Umbrella Pine, distinctive of the Provence region, disconnect, unwind and relax in the Horizon Spa Cabane. Experience a greeting and embrace from nature every morning as paradise sits at the feet of the Queen sized bed. Out on the terraces, enjoy a light spot of reading or the views of the calm waters. Further along sits a Nordic hot tub with chemical-free UBO technology treated water at 40°C. Access via land.


Savour the companionship of nature at the Idylle Spa Cabane. Wake up in a Queen Sized bed to a greeting from the azure waters of the lake every morning. Disconnect, unwind and relax at this idyllic lodge on the open terrace or take a bath in the Nordic hot tub with chemical-free UBO technology treated water at 40°C. Fall in love above water level. Access via land.

Shared Spaces

Enjoy the company of each other with Mother Nature in the recreational spaces of the relaxing yoga room, swimming pool and yoga deck. Satisfy the taste buds with a welcoming dining room open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy a light read on the outdoor terrace surrounding the swimming pool, communal washrooms and cloakroom for guests to leave their personal belongings during activities.

Food and Cuisine

Indulge in a happy and healthy range of dishes made from locally sourced, plant-based meals to regain energy after a morning and afternoon of activities spent outdoors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared with locally farmed ingredients by a local chef to deliver an authentic taste of nature. *Please notify us of any dietary requirements and allergies.

The Ambience

With a promise to achieve disconnection from the daily distractions, revel in the realms of nature in its most authentic and pure form with pristine green forestry and clear aqua lakes at each visionary point. Salute both the rising and setting sun at the beak of the horizon as you undergo a revitalising yoga session and uplifting activities.

For Private Groups

This programme is also available on-demand for private groups of up to 6 or more on dates preferred by you and your group. Please contact us for more information.


A wistfully attractive village based in South of France, approximately 20 minutes from Avignon, Châteauneuf-du-Pape is renown for the vineyards and its locally produced wines. Nestled in the countryside on a surf of lush manicured gardens with historical sites including a castle built by Pope John XXII dating back to the 14th century, perched on top of a quiet hill overlooking the village, Châteauneuf-du-Pape carries a whimsical charm and there is plenty to explore.

Practical Info

How to get there

The domain is a 40 minutes Taxi journey from Marseille Airport or Avignon Train Station, France. If instead, you wish to rent a car, simply quote the below address. Alternatively, the domain will be happy to organise a transfer through their preferred local company. Please email: quoting “Transfer” in the subject line. This transfer service will entail a separate fee, not included as part of this programme.

Address: Coucoo Grands Cépages, 2061 Chemin des Pompes, 84700 Sorgues

Check-in/ check-out

An initiation ceremony takes place at 6.30pm therefore we suggest booking tickets with an arrival time that allows sufficient time for travel from the airport/train station to the domain. As a general rule, guests will be allowed to check-in from 3pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, this programme includes activities scheduled until 12pm. However, you are welcome to depart earlier to suit your personal agenda. Please contact us if you have any enquiries regarding check-in and check out.

What to pack

We suggest packing a bathing suit, sunscreen and insect repellent if you are looking to take a dip in the Ozone treated Nordic hot tub and some comfortable workout clothes for morning and evening yoga.