Commenda di San Calogero

Contrada S. Calogero, 96011 Augusta, Sicily, Italy

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Relaxation & tranquillity Improved body strength Sound nights sleep Sicilian sunshine Taste-testing of citrus jams Unique experiences Olive oils and honey

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Sicilian sunshine, enchanting views, luxurious suites


Located on the outskirts of the Iblean plateau, north of Syracuse, Sicily looking out towards mount Etna, Commenda di San Calogero is the best-preserved traditional Sicilian country estate home with a history dating back to the 16th century. Upon arrival, a set of majestic blue gates open to a vision of unspoiled landscape and authentic rustic charm. From the soothing still waters of the valley rich in spring water to the floral gardens and olive and citrus groves, this 110-acre land is a sublime setting for a peaceful and relaxing get away.

As part of an exclusive programme designed for Balance Holidays, learn to ground, heal and strengthen the body with a professional duo, teachers Vittoria and Marie, outside with the sunshine draping over the pristine estate grounds, under clear blue skies and gentle whistling winds.

Additionally, guests can spend days unwinding by the swimming pool basking in the glorious Sicilian sunshine, taste-testing homegrown citrus jams or following pebbledash paths around the estate to further explore cultural traditions and UNESCO heritage sites in the South East region of Sicily.

Guests will be staying in a luxury suite in the villa, furnished with hand-selected vintage pieces of décor and valuable antiques to reflect the historic pastime as well as to offer a full and authentic Sicilian experience, surpassing all expectations.


Exclusively designed for Balance Holidays, heal, ground and strengthen the body surrounded by alluring beauty of cultural landscapes, enjoying sessions of dynamic and slow-flow Vinyasa and Jiriki with teachers Vittoria and Marie. Each with a strong background and extensive knowledge of the practise and functional movements and exercises, discover how to relax the mind in order to help the body heal and a sound night’s sleep. Cooking workshops to explain traditional Sicilian culinary practises with home grown herbs and spices and activities to explore the vernacular and spirit of this beautiful region of Italy, historical-archaeological treasure hike, the visit of Syracuse and the Island of Ortigia are also included.

Spring Revival at Sicilian Manor Retreat


Room Types

Located in a beautiful region of Italy, admired by the community far and wide, come and explore a former feudal estate circled by lush greenery, blooming meadows and peaceful lakes and rivers in Sicily at Commenda di San Calogero. To offer invaluable insight into its pastime, each room is furnished with precious antiques to portray unique character and rustic charm that has been preserved to provide a magical setting to relax and unwind. Luxury is only item on the agenda as each suite includes a private bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. Located on the outskirts of the Iblean plateau, north of Syracuse, Sicily looking out towards mount Etna, Commenda di San Calogero is the best-preserved traditional Sicilian country estate home with a history dating back to the 16th century.

Room Types

Guest Quarters

Furnished to reflect the historic pastime, guests will be staying in an intimate space at the Commenda di San Calogero. To display unique character, each room is in a distinctive colour, adorned with hand-selected vintage pieces of décor to complement as well as wide glass windows and glass panelled doors looking out towards freshly manicured lawns and a courtyard of fresh blooms. To offer a complete experience, each room carries valuable antiques to offer guests a truly authentic experience of an ancient Sicilian dwelling. Every room has a private bathroom with an elegant bathtub and shower, satellite television, mini fridge and a safe to secure all your personal belongings.

Shared spaces

Enjoy the company of others in a range of luxurious facilities open to guests during their stay with Commenda di San Calogero. After a day of exploring on a bike trail or an archaeological hike, relax and unwind in the saltwater swimming pool or at the Jacuzzi to let the stress bubble away. A spa and sauna room made from Istanbul marble is also available to guests to offer ultimate relaxation. Massages are available upon request.

Food and cuisine

Get the full Sicilian experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as each meal is meticulously prepared daily using organic ingredients grown in the estate’s gardens. Implementing traditional Sicilian culinary concepts, each dish is a true taste of Sicily that can be taken away home to integrate into everyday life.

The ambience

Tucked away in a cosy corner of Sicily, wake up gently in a luxurious and traditional countryside suite to the soothing whistles of the wind passing through the pristine gardens, awakening the fresh blooms and surrounding wildlife in their natural habitats. The ancient yet ample spaces are footsteps away from organic citrus groves and medicinal herb gardens, infused together into a unique and aromatic experience.


Situated in southern Italy, enjoy the warm Mediterranean Sea at your feet at Commenda di San Calogero this spring and soak up on Sicilian sunshine during your stay at the captivating country home grounds imbued in rustic beauty and charm. A short driving distance from Le Saie, an exquisite golf club and Siracusa for a tour of Port of Ortigia, Commenda di San Calogero is one of the oldest and renowned farms in Sicily, producing aromatic jams, honey and olive oils.