Ayurveda Retreats

Ranging from treatments to activities and workshops, relax and enjoy some well deserved downtime on an Ayurveda Retreat.

According to Ayurveda, a Hindu Medical practice, the mind, body and spirit are interlinked and the three must work in tandem in order to achieve balanced wellbeing. However, due to the dynamic of modern life with little to no time to focus on breath work or added consideration towards sustenance, either of the three can go neglected. For the time-starved and determined individuals looking to level all three, the option is an Ayurvedic wellness holiday.

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body and mind

Italy > Lombardy

Cleansing Jivamukti and Ayurveda Retreat

available between -
05th Jun 2020 - 08th Jun 2020


£989 pp

Italy > Lombardy

Immersive Jivamukti and Ayurveda Retreat

available between -
10th Jun 2020 - 14th Jun 2020


£1370 pp

Why an Ayurveda retreat?

Learn to turn psychophysical health around and discover a transformation in personal perspectives and priorities on an Ayurveda holiday. Held in exclusive destinations, resorts and hotels in Europe and confining countries, Ayurveda holidays not only intends to help free individuals trapped by the factors encountered through city life. Ayurveda also sets the parameters for helping individuals achieve and learn how to continue to create balance beyond each retreat.

To allow the qualified Ayurvedic therapist to understand each person’s ‘dosha’ (energy), which consists of three key types: Kapha, Pitta and Vata, each retreat will first begin with an assessment in the form of a thorough questionnaire. This questionnaire seeks to provide answers to topics related to dietary habits, physical health and behavioural characteristics. The purpose of this assessment is to help the Ayurvedic therapist appropriately diagnose and assign treatment for maintenance of optimal mental, physical and spiritual health because we are each unique.

From Ayurveda spa treatments to massages and facials using essential oils, iron out emotional imbalances, tensions, aches and pains by choosing Ayurveda retreats abroad, deeply absorbed in nature to complement additional health benefits.

Why an Ayurveda retreat may suit you?

Ever feel like there is not enough time in a day? With twenty-four hours available, this number only seems inconsequential and mediocre. Especially so after taking a look at the to-do list and other financial and domestic responsibilities. When time is a concerning aspect, leisure and recreational activities are inevitably scratched out of plans, leading to negative impacts on physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. This tilt in balance leads to an exposure of consequences in the likes of moodiness, restlessness, a lack of motivation and in more serious cases, depression and anxiety attacks. A natural antidote is an Ayurveda Retreat. Designed with an underlying intention to help individuals become the author of their lives, learn to take control and manage personal wellness, harnessing energy of transformation through Ayurvedic treatments. With plenty of opportunities to connect with others to create a collective experience, let an Ayurveda Retreat clear uncertainty and encourage emotional drainages, detoxing and cleansing the physical body and spiritual mind, opening a pathway to a happier, healthier and lighter you.

Types of Ayurveda retreats:

Destination Retreats

Being dwarfed by the tall, arresting skyscrapers can feel suffocating. As each day is a repeat of the previous, iron out the monotonous mood by changing the scenery to one that awakens and delights the senses on a destination retreat. Often hosted in a secluded yet exclusive destination, relish in the relentlessly beautiful landscapes, letting the shoulders drop two inches after drawing in the first lungful of clean, fresh air. Unite with nature on the frilly edges of a cliff, admiring the berry-kissed tones along the horizon, a sign of day signing out and early evening shining through. Otherwise, silently take a stroll down beaten paths to stimulate fresh perspectives and to stamp in some clarity to allow realignment with goals and desires and most importantly, gratitude for others.

Walking and Activity Retreats

Is it possible to stay active on holiday? With a Walking and Activity retreat, most certainly! Nothing about the extreme, a Walking and Activity retreat is designed to allow guests the time to invest into themselves in the absence of overwhelming distractions. By enthralling guests with light yet invigorating and energising activities, these are used to demonstrate that exercise does not need to be a demanding chore, nor a forgone possibility amongst school-runs and grocery shops. Challenging new hike trails to biking up a steep green hill, get the arms and legs moving to improve stamina, strength and into good shape. Along the way, discover new landscapes and be enchanted by the greatness of the outdoors before applying the concepts back at home on a mat in the living room or in the garden to continue creating and maintaining balanced wellbeing.

Why choose Balance Holidays for an Ayurveda retreat?

Travelling, exploring and discovering unvisited landscapes is one of life’s prized pleasures. Why? Because choosing retreats abroad not only satisfies the travel appetite, it is also a host of health benefits.

By choosing Balance holidays for an Ayurveda Retreat, learn to unleash trapped thoughts and emotions and learn the essential coping mechanisms to choreograph a happy, healthy and balanced life. Feel disconnected and removed from the stifling grip of daily life, allowing time and energy to be invested into the focus of self-care and self-love.

A healthy retreat such as an Ayurveda retreat may at times be misunderstood as being mentally and physically demanding. This misunderstanding can lead to resentment and discontentment. At Balance Holidays, our aim is to help individuals enjoy the journey of wellness in new corners of the world. Each location will offer the luxuries of modern living and spectacular scenery, granting a unique experience on each occasion.

We at Balance Holidays also understand that foggy thoughts and blurry emotions can block our paths of personal development and growth. Which is why, each retreat programme is designed with careful consideration towards the location, activities, workshops and accommodation. This ensures guests are fully armed with the appropriate know-how and tools to tackle stress, manage mood swings and ultimately, restore Zen and balance back at home after each retreat.

Another element that helps Balance Holidays stand apart and should not go unmentioned is our customer service team. Our customer service care is personalised and attentive, ensuring clarity and reassurance is provided to those either at the beginning of their wellness journey or looking to continue infusing wellness into their lives. The team is also determined to be a source of inspiration, offering advice, answering questions and providing recommendations.